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Alpaca Anemone is a female Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


Because of a bet with Mirage, Anemone is embarrassed to appear on the air in different clothes, but in fact, she is a professional gamer of Krono World, a VR platform, and is making a name for herself in world game competitions with her outstanding skills. Unlike her twin sister, Mirage, she is characterized by her strong stamina and affinity. She accompanies Mirage as a guardian to protect Mirage, who has discovered that Krono World's producers are carrying out suspicious schemes.

  • Transcendence Class TR
  • Exclusive voice for Transcendence class is applied


Hold on

The best way to do an interview is to do a winning interview, but doing it like this feels strange again. Should I say that something was omitted in the middle? Unfortunately, the timing is not good either. Originally, I didn't like clothes like this, but I decided to wear them as a penalty because I lost a bet with Mirage. Wait a minute, reporter, are you looking for the right timing? ugh... I wouldn't wear it if it was really normal, but I tend to keep what I decided to do with Mirage. In the past, Mirage was not feeling well, so the habit of taking care of her then remained. I'm fine now, but I'd better be careful though. When I was young, I went out to play, but since Mirage had to stay indoors, she played with the computer a lot. Even after I feel better, it's always a headache because she's been avoiding society, maybe because she was too passive. We should get some outside. So when we played together, I also played games on the computer together. Did I do better than I thought? So, as I continued to do it, I came to the pro before I knew it. Actually, I liked playing outside more when I was younger, so when I grew up, I should become an athlete! I thought, but I really don't know people. I'm still having a lot of fun, so I'm satisfied! Winning the game is always the best, and this goddess of victory knows no defeat haha! Fans often ask me what the secret to winning is, but there is always something to talk about. Talent is important, but I think the most important thing is the desire to win. They say that I'm the best and that if I run into it, I can see the way~ It's quite fun to broadcast with Mirage from time to time. I don't usually show what I practice, so many people like it when I come out with them. I just wish that peaceful days would pass like this in the future... Well, I'm worried that Mirage seems to be doing something quite harsh. Should I stop worrying now and end it at this point?

Later! when Mirage returns, she will definitely ask for a live dance together, but I can't bear to go there... I have to go now, cya!


Buffclassskill 23s2tr bg
  • Paired weapon: Magnum Launcher
    • When right-clicking, special bullets are fired in 3 rows
    • In Zombie and Zombie scenario mode, direct hit damage from special bullets increases but explosion damage decreases
    • Zombie Scenario Skill: Protection of Valor
    • Passive: Critical hit rate and movement speed increase when progressing with a zombie scenario with the class <Blue Rabbit Mirage> (Bondage system, does not overlap with other bond buffs).
    • <Capitalism> Basic application of add-on effect (duplicated add-on can be installed, and the effect increases when duplicated)
    • Active: Grants a shield effect to yourself and nearby allies for a certain period of time.
    • Increases own attack power for a certain period of time (attack power increases greatly at first and decreases over time).
  • When playing with this character, a 10% EXP/point bonus is applied. (20% EXP/point bonus applied in Internet Cafe)
  • This character has a higher maximum level than the normal class in Zombie Scenario Mode.
  • For this character, one mutation is added for the first time in Zombie Z mode.
  • This character's current damage is displayed on the bottom HUD.
  • For this character, a dedicated kill mark is displayed when an enemy is defeated.
  • In zombie mode, zombies with less than 20% health are displayed.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 1 June 2023.
  • CSN:S: 14 June 2023.

Zombie Scenario stats[]