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Angel City is a Basic, Team Deathmatch, and Deathmatch map in Counter-Strike Online.

Official description[]

Counter-Terrorist: Terrorist's movement has been detected from a city area in Thailand. Stop their terrorism and protect all citizens!

Terrorist: Overcome Counter-Terrorist's interruption and destroy the department store!

Other information: There is only one bombsite in this map.

Release date[]


This map was released alongside King Cobra on:

  • South Korea: 30 August 2012.


This map was released alongside Thompson Chicago on:

  • Thailand: 16 October 2012.

Kriss SVD

This map was released alongside Kriss Super V Upgrade Event on:

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 24 April 2013.

M95 gfx

This map was released alongside Barrett M95 on:

  • Indonesia: 8 May 2013.


This map was released alongside Choijiyoon and Ritsuka (resales) on:

  • Turkey: 28 May 2014.

This map was released alongside Open Beta Test on:

  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.



  • It has only one bombsite, making it the first and only map which has only one bombsite in the game.
  • Terrorists are nearer to the bombsite.
  • The map design is actually based on a cut Counter-Strike: Condition Zero map called as Bridge which also has a single bombsite.
  • This map is based on Siam Paragon building from Bangkok, Thailand in real life.

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