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Angelina is a Transcendent grade Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


As a child, Angelina lost her parents in the war and had to join the army to survive. During her time there, she was invited to come back to America with Douglas Jacob, who was visiting the war zone as part of his relief organization. His wealth and her incredible beauty quickly propelled the former soldier on the path to fame and stardom, but in exchange for Jacob's sponsorship, Angelina was coerced to take a special Kronos-developed serum. However, thanks to a unique gene structure that prevents the virus from mutating within her, Angelina awakened from her operation as a powerful Super Soldier.


Hi! Nice to meet you. Did you come to me to write a report? Ah~ Don't take too many photos. The angle was also taken at the position I specified. Alright, let's also set up a shading film. If you tan in this kind of light, you will not be in a good mood. That's it.

It's nice to meet you. My name is Angelina. As we all know, the recent note for my popularity as a celebrity comes from my clothes, bags, perfume, hairstyle and everything else. This exhausted life is beyond the endurance of children. Can people understand such troublesome experience and persisting hunger from a person like me? To Douglas Jacob's blessing, I am also here, why curious about my past? It's not about spending money, I'll tell you, take note of it.

When I was a child, I lost my parents due to war and volunteered to join the military for a living. Have you ever heard of teenage soldiers? In short, during the process of enlisting and receiving training, I was noticed by Douglas Jacob, who was participating in rescue group activities at the time. My beauty was already outstanding and should be very prominent. Under his advice, I came here together. Although I followed in a daze, this was really a new world. At the moment when that guy wanted to wash his image through social contribution, thanks to me. Thanks to my beauty, I made it to the front page of the news and instantly became a star. My current tone seems to have developed at that time, but I really like this tone. Isn't there any dissatisfaction?

In short, since then, I have decided to live a celebrity life and eat the nutritional supplements paid by Kronos. This is also a contractual condition for me to come here. Although I only found out later what this medicine is. I heard it's not a nutrient, but super soldier serum? Didn't the reporter also know? Ah, don't show a panicked expression. Isn't this something that everyone already knows. Ah-If it's a surprise, I'll awaken to that super soldier thanks to my special genes, I heard theres a case that I would mutate into a zombie with this virus, why does it feels like you're looking at insects? Ah, you cutie really want to move away now? It's time to disappear forever.


  • Transcendent Class TR
  • Exclusive voice line class.
  • If you play as this character, a 10% bonus to experience and 10% to points (20% in PC rooms) is applied.
  • This character has a higher maximum level than the regular class in zombie scenario mode. (+10 level cap in Zombie Scenario mode)
  • Marks a zombie when that zombie health is less than 20% in Zombie Mode
  • 1 initial mutation point added in Zombie Z mode
  • Displays movement speed in the bottom of the screen
  • When killing an enemy, a unique mark is displayed at the target location

Pairing Weapon[]

Tyrant mace
Tyrant Mace
  • Increased range from basic attack and general attack speed
  • Increased basic attack damage
  • Decreased charging time for Glacial Impact

Zombie Scenario Skill[]

Buffclassskill 24s2tr bg
  • When playing Zombie Scenario with a player using Evita, movement speed is slightly increased, damage received is slightly reduced (Connection effect, does not stack with other connection effects).
  • Applies [Thorns] add-on effect by default (Can be stacked and effect increases)
  • Increased attack power against Elite and Boss monsters
  • Grants conceal effect on self, when conceal effect breaks, inflicts explosion damage in a set radius, increase attack power on self and allies (the increased amounts differs between self and allies).

Zombie Scenario stats[]


Corresponding Items[]

Spotlight Y24s2tcospet Angelina Spotlight device for her idol activity, can be used as a pet
SD Angelina Spray Y24s2tspray You can use SD Angelina Spray in the game.

Corresponding Medal[]

Y24s2classhonor This medal can be achieved by obtaining Evita, Angelina, Lightstick costume, Spotlight costume (Permanent) 10 Honor Points
Requirements 24s2ct24s2t Y24s2ctcospetY24s2tcospet