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Annihilation is an original mode in Counter-Strike series.


Counter-Terrorist team must defeat the Terrorist team and vice versa by killing the opponent members. Annihilation is played in rounds, and the objective is to eliminate all enemy team members.


These are the annihilation maps so far:

Moonlight gfx Dm champ cso

Greesia gfx Ruin gfx

Dm trainfactory2 cso

Dust2a gfx Ae gfx Gallery gfx Tunnel gfx Port gfx Kart gfx Industry gfx Industry2 gfx Rats gfx Suzhou gfx Dm darksnow cso Dm warehouse cso


  • In this mode, if the timer goes to 00:00, the round will not end. It will end properly after all members of one team have been killed.

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