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April Fool is an annual event in Counter-Strike Online.


  • Period: After maintenance on 3/23 ( Thu ) ~ Before maintenance on 4/6 ( Thu )
  • Content: New products that came with spring! Participate in the event and get new items.
How to participate in the event
Condition Obtainable items (Points)
2 kills or 6 assists as a human in zombie mode or 2 human infections as a zombie (all excluding bots) for each success 2 (up to 40 per day)
Zombie Scenario Mode: Every time you clear 1 session by achieving 100 kills on 'Hard' difficulty or higher 5(up to 40 per day)
Every 5 minutes of playing time achieved 1 (up to 10 per day)
Every day log in 2 (Limited to once per day)
  • You can acquire up to 50 points for daily play per account.
Cumulative reward
Cumulative condition (points) Obtainable items
50 Rare Decoder (3x)
100 Zombie Scenario Addon Probability Box (10x) + Weapon Enhancement EXP Coupon 100 (3x)
150 Unique Decoder (3x) + Expedition Success Rate Up (10%) (3x)
250 Pierce (unlimited) + Zombie Damage Meter (7 days) (1x)
350 SD character's cute waiting room mark (300 days) + 10,000 mileage coupon (1x)
450 Spring Breeze Girl Zombie Spray (Unlimited) + 200 Weapon Enhancement EXP (3x)
500 Ice Cream Cone Hats (Unlimited)
550 Class Decoder (6x) + Event Decoder (5x)
600 Transcendence Decoder (6x) + Event Decoder (5x)
650 Season Pass Badge (100x)
700 Season Pass Badge (100x)
  • Rewards are given only once per account.
  • Target Zombie Modes: Zombie Classic / Zombie Mutant / Zombie Hero / Zombie Z / Zombie Rise
  • A minimum of 5 minutes of play time is required to complete the Zombie Scenario Mode mission.
  • Participation is possible only in rooms with a minimum of 3 people. (Excluding studio mode)
  • Regardless of mode, kills caused by automatic hunting are not included in the event
  • Accumulated play points will be collectively collected through maintenance on 4/6 (Thu).
  • The event decoder can be used until midnight on the day of acquisition.