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Arbalest is an Epic grade Equipment weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


This weapon can be obtained from Epic Decoder and Star Fragment

A secret weapon created by Kronos with the Cosmic Stone stolen from the Aegis Institute. Its basic attack causes an intermittent explosion, the <Cosmic Wave> that attacks an entire area and causes an additional attack on the target area if sustained long enough, the <Cosmic Black Hole> that fires a black hole ahead to cause damage, and the <Cosmic Armor> that automatically protect against zombie attacks.


  • Notify crosshair when successful hit

Special function[]

  • <Cosmic Wave>: Spend special rounds to attack an entire area. Sustain for a short time to cause an additional attack on the target area at the end.
  • <Cosmic Black Hole>: Can be used after charging, and fires a cosmic black hole foward.
  • Cosmic Black Hole charges automatically, and you can carry up to 3 rounds.
  • <Cosmic Armor>: Activates automatically in Zombie and Zombie Scenario modes, emits a radiance aura upon hitting enemies enough time while using the Arbalest for a short time. Any fatal damage taken after activation is blocked and the weapon automatically activates Cosmic Wave and the slow debuff will be cleared. A cooldown triggers after using it in a single round.
  • Zombie mode activation requirements: Hold the weapon for 80 seconds and hit enemies 20 times
  • Zombie Scenario mode activation requirements: Hold the weapon for 60 seconds and hit enemies 20 times

Obtain procedure[]

Obtain 15 Star Fragment 6940049224801242882
Log in into the game 6940049224801242883
200 minutes of game play 6940049224801242884
Obtained from the Epic Decoder. (1 type is provided according to each probability among rewards). '2023 Happy New Year's nameplate' included



Corresponding medal[]

Black dragon
Blaccdragon This medal can be achieved upon acquiring Arbalest and Black Dragon Wings (Permanent) 10 Honor Points
Requirements Black dragon wing Can be obtained from Rare Costume Selection Box Halogun

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 12 January 2023.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong/China/CSNS: 18 January 2023.


Shoot sound



 	-High_Quality-_카스온라인_23-1_New_Year_weapon-_아바레스트_(Arbalest)_promotion_CG 	 			    	-카스온라인-_전장의_판도를_바꾸다,_에픽_무기_'아바레스트' 	 			  


  • The arbalest (also arblast) was a late variation of the crossbow coming into use in Europe during the 12th century.
  • There is a bug that the Cosmic Armor radiance light screen effect somewhat changed to Quantum Horizon's Quantum Dive, and it persists even on next round. (This bug is fixed on Korea patch on March 9th 2023)
  • The design and mechanic of this weapon is somewhat similiar to the Ethereal
  • The firing sound is somewhat akin to XM8 Carbine.