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Room restrict limitknifeArm Torch is a Unique grade melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


This item is obtainable from Top 50 Decoder.

A set of gauntlets equipped with a torch attached to the hand that can emit fires. The user can attack enemies with flames from both hands. Depending on the input command, you can use a flamethrower attack that uses a recoil attack and burns the surrounding area, or a leap attack that sends you forward and knocks back the enemy.


  • High damage to both humans and zombies
  • Lighter than regular melee
  • Can kill multiple enemies at once
  • Has two different combo attacks
  • Double flame fist can hit through walls
  • Burning effect
  • Decent attack range (3 m)
  • High stun power


  • Low rate of slash
  • Short delay after performing a combo attack
  • Low Knockback power in Double Flame attack
  • Dash attack can make you lose air acceleration
  • Obtainable only during the event period

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 8 March 2018.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 13 March 2018.
  • China & Japan: 14 March 2018.
  • Indonesia: 9 May 2018.
  • CSN:Z: 7 June 2018.


  • To activate the "special attack", the wielder must combine its attack in the right order. The first is LMB>RMB>LMB click for dash attack and LMB>RMB>RMB click for double flame fist.
  • Arm Torch deals a very high damage. Use it especially in ducts to give maximum stun and damage.


Hit sound #1

Hit sound #2

Wall hit sound


  • This is third weapon that features a flamethrower after Aeolis and Salamander.
  • This is the second weapon that has a combo attack style after Dual Sword Phantom Slayer.
    • One of the combos can make the user dash forward, similar to Ganymede's ability in Zombie Scenario, but with less range.
  • There is a label "ARMRORCH" printed on the weapon model.
  • The game file shows it was planned to be released at early January, probably alongside Magnum Launcher but it was delayed and released in March.
  • Most of the sounds are reused from BALROG-IX
  • The flames appear in front of the player, resulting in them appearing inside of or behind walls, if pressed up against one.