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Assault (cs_assault) is an official Hostage rescue map in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online.


Assault is a hostage rescue map that pits the Terrorists, which are located inside a large warehouse, against the Counter-Terrorists, which are located outside of the warehouse and currently surrounding it. The Terrorists must defend two ground entrances (Front entrance and backdoor), and another entrance on the roof where Counter-Terrorists may come in through the ducts. This map is quite small, so it is suitable for small-medium amount of players. There are a total of four hostages that are all located in one room.

  • Terrorist objective: Eliminate the Counter-Terrorists or prevent them from rescuing the hostages until the time runs out.
  • Counter-Terrorist objective: Escort the hostages to the rescue zone or eliminate all the Terrorists.


Team Deathmatch[]

  • Join as a Counter-Terrorist because the Terrorist cannot go outside the warehouse.
  • As a Terrorist, try to make wallbang to possibly kill some Counter-Terrorists located outside the warehouse.
  • If you're a Counter-Terrorist, you may snipe enemies at the edge between the gate and the red container or on the top road located right in front of the main entrance of the warehouse.
  • There's a bug where 2 Terrorists can jump on each other to get through the roof of the warehouse. Note that it is illegal in some regions.



  • There are usable cameras in the truck (which can be disabled by destroying the antenna) and beside the hostage room door.
  • Most of the textures of this map are taken from Half-Life.
  • In Original mode, Terrorist players may be able to damage and kill the Counter-Terrorist players on the roof by spamming HE Grenades and throwing them at the direction of the roof in the warehouse.
  • There are some breakable objects in this map: the glasses inside the warehouse, the "ADMINISTRATION" board above the doors of the building near the bridge and the antenna on the truck.
  • There is a bug called "Skywalking" in this map where players can walk in the air (top of the map). Players can climb to the top in some positions such as the grey building beside the truck at CT Spawn Zone. It gives advantages to hide and avoid enemies, especialy in Zombie Mods. However, this bug is illegal in some regions.
  • The green door in the back way can be destroyed in Zombie Mods. It has quite high hit points and requires many hits to destroy. Using primary attack of BALROG-IX is recommended to get the fast result.