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Asterois is a boss appeared in Overflow.


A brand new super soldier created by Kronos with the collaboration of Nyx using otherworld technology, allows it to traverse between dimension and cause nexus space-time in its vicinity.


  • Axe Swing: Asterios will swing its battle axes and deals area wide damage, player can still get damage even when they're behind him
  • Deploy Explosive: Asterios will howl and deploy explosive and leaves burning tiles
  • Foward Charge: Asterios will charge foward and slows down players that got hit
  • Dimensional Warp: When enter 50% of its remaining HP, Asterios will enter a concealed state and opens 2 portals to rush toward each of it, can be repeated overtime.
  • Nexus Illusion: When entered 30% of its remaining HP, Asterios will hop away and summon many illusion clones to slam in the ground, blue marked area indicates its clones, red marked area indicates the real one.


Boss theme


  • Asterios armor can be broken (notably shoulder plates).
  • This is the first boss to base on fantasy concept with magical ability.
  • As for the boss having an battle axe as main weapon, many part of the community gimmicked it to be a hint of Twin Light Axes release.