Counter Strike Online Wiki

Autobuy is a special feature in Counter-Strike Online.


Autobuy can be used by pressing the F1 or A keys. The player will be given a set of weapons and items depending on the money he/she possessed. The setting varies depending on the mode the player played.



The autobuy function inherited from the original Counter-Strike autobuy function that let the system bought according to the list below.

  1. M4A1
  2. AK-47
  3. FAMAS
  4. Galil
  5. P90 (Unused)
  6. MP5

If the player affords these items above, the system will buy these:

  1. Primary Ammo
  2. Secondary Ammo
  3. Kevlar + Helmet
  4. Kevlar
  5. HE Grenade (CSO only)
After 20 August 2015 Update

The new updated system introduced more weapons and give priority to Kevlar and Helmet first. The weapon priority is:

  1. AWP
  2. M4A1
  3. AK-47
  4. FAMAS
  5. Galil
  6. MP5

Zombie Scenario[]

In Zombie Scenario, the weapons are automatically chosen from the category of:

  1. Equipment weapons
  2. Random anti-zombie weapons (SKULL, BALROG, etc)
  3. Machine guns
  4. Primary Ammo
  5. Secondary Ammo
  6. Kevlar + Helmet
  7. Kevlar
  8. HE Grenade