Avalanche or SFMG (Science Fiction Machine Gun) is a fictional Machine gun in Counter-Strike Online which can be obtained randomly from Code Box.


Avalanche is the fourth future weapon introduced in the game. It is a multipurpose machine gun that fires 200 rounds of 7.62 NATO box magazine, which is similar to that of a rifle, instead of being belt-fed like other machine guns. It has two firing modes that can be utilized freely depending on the situation.

A mode

  • Higher damage (+3)
  • More accurate (+1%)

B mode

  • Lower recoil (-1%)
  • Higher rate of fire (+3%)


Metal Arena:

  • Alice: As the most effective infantry weapon for Alice.


This machine gun is categorized as a light machine gun. It is as light as the HK 23E and MG36. It is fed up with 200 rounds, which is similar to the MG3.

A mode

This mode does the same damage as the M1911 A1, but it has low rate of fire, similar to the M14 EBR.

B mode

This mode does the same damage as the MG36 and M4A1 while its rate of fire is as high as the MG3.



Fire sound

Sfmg reload

Reload sound

Sfmg changeb

Switching to B mode

Sfmg changea

Switching to A mode

CSO TW - SFG Weapon Series MG - Avalanche - Update on 13rd March 2012

CSO TW - SFG Weapon Series MG - Avalanche - Update on 13rd March 2012


  • Avalanche means a mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside.
  • The name of the gun "Avalanche", can be seen etched on the buttstock, while the "DISASTER-III" etching can be seen on this weapon's box magazine.
  • In early releases the Avalanche used MG3's firing sound.
  • This weapon has two muzzle flashes for the two different modes. Also the colour of the unusable scope turns purple when it is in A mode and blue when switched to B mode.

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