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For the original version, see Barrett M95.

BuffBarrett M95 White Tiger is a Transcendent sniper rifle in the Transcendence Series.


This item was obtained by clearing Mileage Bingo in South Korea, and by opening Lucky Transcendence Weapon Box in other regions.

This Transcendence Sniper Rilfe is filled with a spirit of the white tiger that stalks the battlefield. Ten hits with this weapon summons the white tiger itself

Details: The White Tiger can travel through walls, run forward and reduces the movement speed of all enemies it makes contact with. Damage: humans 149, zombies 7413, and scenario 14,826 damage points.


  • Extreme damage in all modes
  • Lack of damage drop off over distance.
  • Large magazine size
  • Highest stun power among almost every gun
  • Short reload time
  • Crosshair is available when not scoping
  • Displays hit-markers
  • Can release a net to ensnare an enemy
    • A net can bind up to 2 enemies at once
  • Summoned white tiger spirit deals devastating damage
  • Quick fire rate as a bolt-action rifle.


  • Heavy weight
  • Low knockback power
  • Poor zoom ratio.
  • Non-replenish-able net ammunition
  • It cannot be fired the bullet unless the player is using the scope.
  • Leave the light trail makes enemy can spot the player easily.
  • Very expensive price
  • Nets are ineffective against Tyrant
  • No special buff
  • Hard to obtain

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 1 November 2018.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 6 November 2018.
  • China: 7 November 2018.
  • Indonesia: 7 November 2018.
  • CSN:Z: 5 December 2018.
  • Japan: 19 December 2018.


  • This weapon is currently the most powerful weapon in the game in terms of single-shot damage in all circumstances.
  • You can shoot the net when firing non-scoped while shoot a regular round when scoped.
  • It has very high damage in all game modes.
  • If you successfully hit your target with 10 bullets, the white tiger's eye on the body of the weapon will glow, also the emblem on the scope will lights in yellow, accompanied by growling tiger sound, indicating that the special 'white tiger' is ready to be summoned.
    • Press both LMB and RMB to summon the tiger while scoping.
  • The white tiger will travel where the user aimed at, deals damage to enemies it passes through and will leave a visible claw mark on the enemies, which makes it useful for detection as well.
    • It can pass through walls and will travel as far as the map goes.
    • Deals fixed damage regardless of how far the enemies are and if there are obstacles or walls blocking them.
  • Summoning the tiger cancels the backswing of charging the bolt handle after a regular shot, it is possible to fire 2 closely successive shots with this trick.
Zombie modes
  • Each shot of this sniper deals massive damage to zombies.
    • It can instantly kill a lesser light-type zombie with a headshot and can kill heavy-types with several shots only.
    • Take advantage of the net shot to trap a zombie and score a headshot while they are trapped.
  • Always stay in a group of humans so you can safely shoot the zombies within a safe distance.
  • It is not advisable to wield this weapon when being chased by a horde of zombies as it is very heavy and it's useless to use the net to trap a zombie or two in place, as the other non-trapped zombies will eventually get you. Switch to your secondary instead to slow them down, and try to find a safe spot or regroup with other humans.


Firing sound

Ensnare sound

Summon White Tiger


  • This is the second Transcendence sniper rifle after AWP Elven Ranger.
  • This is the second primary weapon in Transcendent Series which doesn't have any special benefits apart from the standard buffs after M3 Black Dragon.
  • There is another weapon with the same 'White Tiger' title, which is MP5 White Tiger.
  • The weapon mechanism is similar to Machina from Team Fortress 2, in that it cannot fire a bullet unless the player is using the scope and that it leave a light trail when firing.
  • This is the second non-melee Transcendent weapon to remodel after a non-classic weapon after the Python Desperado.
  • The light trail produced after each shot from this sniper use the same light trail from M249 Phoenix in secondary mode.
  • This weapon became the most expensive item to purchase in Original modes with its $10,000 price tag.
  • In normal mode when the net is on an enemy or the user himself, they will die after the net disappears, but it shows the user suicided.
  • There is a Chinese character "虎" ("tiger") on the side of the scope.
    • When the tiger is ready to be summoned, the "虎" character will glow white and the scope reticle will turn yellow.
  • This is the first Transcendence Series weapon that shares ammo with weapons outside of the Series.
    • AWP Elven Ranger is technically the first, but no longer shares with anything after a bug-fix patch.