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Baseball is a sports-based event in Counter-Strike Online.


A baseball will be provided every 20 minutes when you play with at least 4 players in the game room. When you have 1 baseball or more, click on the Bat button to swing and take part in the event.

There are five outcomes whenever the player swings the bat. All except number 5 will shift a baseball runner into the field. Any existing runners on the field will be affected by the shift:

  1. Base hit: Shifts runners by 1 base.
  2. Second base: Shifts runners by 2 bases.
  3. Third base: Shifts runners by 3 bases.
  4. Home run: All existing runners return to base.
  5. Out: Penalty incurs. Nothing changes.

1 baseball count will be deducted once you take part in the event. The baseball scoreboard will be reset every midnight, and you cannot take part in the event anymore once you have 3 OUTs for the day.

If the runner has completed the home run and obtain the score, you will receive the same amount of Decoders (although items can differ according to region) as stated as the score once you have logged into the game on the following day. Any existing runners that didn't make the home run will not be counted.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 6 April 2013.
  • Japan: 19 November 2014.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 25 September 2013.
  • Indonesia: 10 April 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 27 April 2016.