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BasicBasic mode or simply Basic is a game mode in Counter-Strike Online.

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Basic is a combination of both Original and Team Deathmatch modes. There are no shops to buy weapons but there is a 3-weapon-set selection that the player can customize. The 3-weapon-set selections is similar to the one in team deathmatch mode without costing total in-game money for each set. The main objective of this mode depends on the map, which is also similar to Original mode. Players can carry two grenades at a time. Also, there are several tooltips that may help new player. Hit marker function is added to let the player knows if he/she hits the target.

New scoreboard

New scoreboard with number of surviving players

Basic mode uses a new scoreboard for easier reference. The players do not need to press Tab to check the current survival status of their teammates or enemies. The bar on both sides under the team name is the average number of surviving players. How it drops depend on the number of players.


In match, all Counter-Terrorist will get Defuse kits. They can also buy Terrorist's weapons.


In match, all Terrorist will get C4 explosives. They can also buy Counter-Terrorist's weapons.

Available maps[]


Honor mission[]

Title Description Task
A medal given to an assistant who puts in efforts to achieve team's victory in Basic mode[Reliable Assistant] Confidential Confidential


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  • In some maps, one team may get an advantage due to the map design.
  • Grenade trail is very useful to detect the presence of the thrower. White trail means friendly while red trail means enemy's grenade. (This works only for HE Grenade because the Smoke Grenade and Flashbang only give white trails)
  • In this mode, the recoil of all weapons are decreased. Stun is also removed.
  • Uniquely, the wallbang concept does not apply in this mode even with HE Grenade.
  • Oddly, hitting an enemy behind certain objects like doors results a 'plink' sound, kevlar hit, or pain sounds. The damage does not occurred like Original mode, means that the attacker can guess his/her victim position.
  • Pressing V button doesn't hide the bombsite indicator like Original mode which is able to do so.
  • C4 is unable to be dropped off in this mode.
  • The hit-marker function also first introduced together with Basic mode when releashed.