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Basketball grenade
Purchase icon
Price in match$300

$1000 (Zombie Scenario)

$2000 (Human Scenario)
Used forInjures enemies
System code'hegrenade'

Room restrict limitfraghe Basketball grenade is an event-based grenade in Counter-Strike Online.


Basketball grenade will be given when you log in for the first time during the event period.

  • Basketball grenades can be used for free during the event period, and will be collected after the event period ends.


South Korea[]

Rebound Partnership Commemorative Event - Basketball Grenade Kill!
  • Period: After maintenance on 4/6 (Thu) ~ Before maintenance on 4/20 (Thu)
  • Details: When using a basketball grenade in Zombie Hero/Zombie Z/Zombie Mutant/Zombie Rise mode, the kill damage is applied.
    • Damage reversal rate: normal damage 50%, double damage 40%, one-kill damage 10%

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 6 April 2023.



  • This grenade is known to celebrate a collaboration event of Rebound, a Korean drama movie in 2023.
  • Like Leaf Rice Grenade, Mooncake Grenade and Heart Grenade events, the explosion and it's rates are the same as them
  • This grenade also available exclusively for Korea server and only available during it's event, however, it can still be obtained from random buy in Zombie Z.