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Battlefield Supply is a feature which provides random items to player on a daily basis.


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For the very 24 hours players can do a free draw, which will reward them with an item for the day. Missing the daily login would make the player miss that day's reward. It is generally hard to miss as it is one of the windows that will open automatically if the player boots up Counter-Strike Online for the first time after each general daily reset depending on the region, typically every 6 am.

The Korean version since the start of Premium Event 2 now requires at least 10 minutes of gameplay before claiming their daily login reward.

Attendance Reward

With each daily reward collected, players will obtain attendance days, which in turn will give the player much more lucrative rewards as the higher the days go. Attendance rewards are reset monthly, and the dates are stated on the top left corner of the window.

The fixed rewards usually comprise of Duration Extenders, decoders and 700-day duration weapons, with different regions having their own every month. However in recent updates, 700-day weapons have been removed completely and been replaced with Mileage Coupons or Decoders.

Legacy Info

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Old Battlefield Supply


The old provided 4 items and one of them would be chosen. When the player clicked on Draw, the roulette would start spinning until an item is selected. Only 1 draw daily. Should the player fail to draw for a day, the progress would reset back to day 1. If the player logged in for 5 days continuously, an additional draw would be provided on that day.


After the interface was restructured, the additional draw was removed but players can still obtain one of the four items provided, with the addition of the different daily rewards provided according to the number of days (maximum of 7) logged in. For obvious reasons, players will nearly always receive the lowest valued item.


South Korea


  • Day 5: Tier 3 Armor Break Part (1 unit)
  • Day 7: Tier 3 Slow Part (1 unit)
  • Day 10: Tier 3 Healing Cancellation Part (1 unit)
  • Day 15: Lucky Halloween Weapon Box (1 unit)


  • Day 5: Event Top 50 Decoder (5 units)
  • Day 7: Event Top 50 Decoder (7 units)
  • Day 10: Event Top 50 Decoder (10 units)
  • Day 15: Event Top 50 Decoder (15 units)
  • Day 20: Event Top 50 Decoder (20 units)



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