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The Bazooka is a standard issue weapon in Bazooka Battle mode.


The bazooka is a semi-automatic recoilless rifle which is designed for anti-tank purposes. It deals very high damage to any objects including vehicles.


  • High capacity for a rocket launcher
  • Light weight
  • Can zoom via scope
  • Has alternate semi-automatic firing ability
  • Short reload time
  • High knockback power to enemies
  • Free of charge
  • Has cross-hair when not scoped
  • Very high damage
  • Very accurate even when jumping


  • Difficult to directly hit moving targets
  • Extra ammunition cannot be bought nor get from picking dead player's bazooka
  • Bazookas dropped in the ground will disappear faster than other dropped weapons


Players should notice that this weapon:

  • Has the same rate of fire with Dragunov SVD, which is low.
  • Has the same recoil as M136 AT4 and AT4-CS, which is moderate.
  • It's a light weapon, as light as Seal knife with 0% speed reduction. But, due to Bazooka Battle properties which add 15% speed to players, making this weapon very light.




  • There is a bug where the player can jump to high places with no damage by shooting bazooka to the ground.
  • After the 4 December 2014 update of South Korea, the knockback power was improved to be more powerful.

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