Room restrict limitknifeBeam Sword is a Science Fiction melee in Counter-Strike Online obtainable from Bingo Event.


Beam Sword is a science fiction melee weapon made by an unknown technology. It can glow in the dark although the user can turn off the light to increase the movement speed.


  • It can glow in dark areas
  • Can kill multiple targets
  • Has a longer attack range than most of the melee weapons
  • Able to perform two slashes at once
  • Easy to perform headshots


  • Hard to obtain from Bingo Event
  • Other players can locate you easily in dark areas if you turn the beam lights on
  • Shorter range in B mode
  • Emits a loud sound when slashing, which usually compromises the user's attempts
  • The sound effect while idling makes listening to footsteps more difficult
  • Emits sound when deploying


This weapon was released on:

  • South Korea: 27 June 2013.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 2 July 2013.
  • China/Japan: 3 July 2013.
  • Indonesia: 21 July 2014.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 23 July 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 1 April 2015.
  • Vietnam: 21 May 2015.



  • Uk: Used by SAS operative (seen in posters).


  • This melee weapon should be taken into account as the Wakizashi and its dual variant clustered together. 
  • Turning on the beam is more recommended for higher damage.
  • There is a trick where the user can perform a headshot easily, by looking down while attacking an enemy.


Sfsword draw

Drawing sound

Sfsword idle


Sfsword midslash1

Slash miss

Sfsword hit1

Target hit sound

Sfsword off

Turning off

Sfsword off hit

Slash sound, off

Sfsword on

Turning on

CSO Times Beam Sword (LightSaber)-0

CSO Times Beam Sword (LightSaber)-0

CSO Malaysia Beam sword Tips and Trick

CSO Malaysia Beam sword Tips and Trick.

CSO Beam Sword Bugs-0

CSO Beam Sword Bugs-0


  • This is the first melee weapon that would debut in the Science Fiction series.
  • This is also the only melee weapon that can use handle for attacking in Counter-Strike Online so far.
  • The weapon's animation resembles Wakizashi while the idle view model resembles Balisong.
  • This weapon is based off from the popular "Lightsaber" of the Star Wars fame.
  • This is the first melee weapon that's able to glow in the dark.
  • This is the second melee weapon that can change between modes with secondary fire after Hammer.
  • In the turned off state, it will use the same hit sound as SKULL-9.
  • Unlike other melee weapon, Beam Sword have no damage reduction in frag war mode
  • If the player defuses a C4 while the two-slash animation is playing, he/she is able to move while defusing the bomb, note that they must face the bomb and stay inside the defusing-range (see video).

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