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SnowmanBeast is a PvP mode categorized as Fun mode in Counter-Strike Online.

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The Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist forces found mysterious cores while they were battling each other in the Polar Regions.

They began research on the cores. As they realized that those cores have a mysterious power, they decided to destroy the other party’s core to gain sole control over core energy.

However, their battle has been ongoing due to the barrier generated by controllers that were installed for controlling the powerful energy of the core...

The agents who received prolonged exposure to fragments created from the core started to mutate while they were fighting against each other. Therefore, the battle has taken on a new aspect and the outcome is unknown...


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Collect 3 diamonds to evolve!

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The Magic Crystal Tower

The player must collect 3 green diamonds to evolve into a beast. A beast has 500HP and 400AP. Once evolved, the player controls the beast in the third person camera instead of first person. A beast can do stomp skill and normal melee attacks. They can also jump twice and turn themselves in a ball-like shape to move faster for a short period of time.

It is Team Deathmatch style where the player will respawn in 3 seconds after death and no usage in-game dollar. The main goal of the team is to destroy the opposing team's magic crystal tower. However, the player must destroy the magic crystal controller first to open the gate. There is a time limit for the gate and the magic crystal controller will be respawned later.


Destroy the enemy’s core.


  • Core is protected by a barrier that is created by a controller.
  • You can attack the core for a while if you attack and disable the controller, thus removing the barrier. However, the controller will re-activate the barrier after 20 seconds.
  • Don't immediately change into beast after collecting 3 fragments. Change into beast when your HP is low or when you are attacked by another beast.

Beast abilities[]

Beast ct

CT Beast

Beast tr

TR Beast


The player must collect 3 crystal fragments to evolve into a beast. The fragments can be found near a dead enemy or teammate. Also everytime you respawn it will give you a crystal fragment.


  • Beasts can do double jumps which are higher than a human jump.
  • Beasts have higher knockback resistance and can move forward easily even being fired by the humans.
  • Beasts can dodge the attacks by pressing A and D keys twice.

Special skills[]

  1. Scroll Impact: Double W key to dash.
  2. Heavy Beat: Stomp the ground to deal damage to nearby enemies.

Compatible maps[]

Sm blizzard cso Port gfx Requiem gfx

New weapon[]


Main article: Leviathan.

Leviathan is a water cannon that can slow down the movement speed of enemies. It is fed with 100 rounds of cooled Nitrogen gas. It is the cold counterpart of the Salamander.

Release date[]

This mode was released alongside Leviathan on:

  • South Korea: 4 July 2013.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 9 July 2013.
  • China/Japan: 10 July 2013.
  • Turkey: 18 December 2013.

This mode was released on:

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 18 December 2013.
  • Indonesia: 18 December 2013.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.


Title Description Task
A medal given to a person who became the beast in the battlefield[Berserk] Gentleman, do you know that a human can activate unknown power in the extreme situation? However, you might need something to activate the power. I guess you must be the one who knows how to control the power properly. This can only be achieved in rooms with 6 or more players. Achieve 1000 kills as a beast.


Official Screenshots[]



  • This mode mirrors Wolfteam, another First-Person-Shooter game which allows players to transform into werewolves.
  • The system for this mode is "sm" which refers to snowman.
  • This is the first mode that allows the player to see in third person.
  • In Requiem and Port maps, the goal is similar to Team Deathmatch. No crystal tower involved.
  • Beast used to be a standalone mode in the previous update.