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Belial is an Epic grade grenade in Counter-Strike Online.


This weapon can be obtained from Epic Decoder or Epic Weapon Craft.

A weapon from a corrupted dimension, known as a Demonic Ruins. When deployed, it can attack nearby enemies and summon a demonic being.

If there is energy:

  • Left click: Activate <Guardian of Corruption>
  • Right click: Activate <Dark Judgement>
  • When deployed, click again to recall
  • When consume enough energy, <Reload> button: Use <Fiendish Purge>


  • Higher damage
  • +10 additional energy cap
  • Further range in Guardian of Corruption and Dark Judgement
  • Fiendish Purge take effect almost instantly
  • Faster charge for Fiendish Purge
  • Faster energy recharge
  • Higher knockback and stun power


  • Faster energy consumption
  • Fiendish Purge couldnt fully ultilize if zombies are heavy types, in Psycho Zombie smokes or filling anger bar
  • High purchase cost on Scenario and Zombie Z

Special Function[]

  • <Guardian of Corruption>: Detects nearby enemies and fires a lightning attack. This lightning will chain to other nearby enemies upon hit. Can be used with another weapon after activation, and expend energy.
  • <Dark Judgement>: Concentrate energy and fire to the aimed location. Can be used with another weapon after activation, and expends energy.
  • <Fiendish Purge>: Summons an fallen angel upon aimed location, and deals a devastating blow. Cast a demon seal that draws nearby enemies in and inflict damage in the area.
  • <Fiendish Purge> don't activate in any mode that isnt Zombie or Scenario mode.

Release Date[]

  • South Korea: April 18 2024
  • China: April 18 2024
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: April 30 2024
  • CSNS: April 30 2024

Belial's Blueprint[]

Divinetitanmaterial (1)

This blueprint can only purchased by Sandalphon or Belial owners (Permanent).

  • You can only purchase once per account.
  • Can only be used during the event period.
  • If not used after event ended, the item will be force to used.
  • You can only craft once per account.




  • Belial is a term occurring in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament which later became personified as the devil in Christian texts of the New Testament.
  • This is the second weapon with demonic concept, the first is Doom Blaster
  • The Fallen Angel when summoned is in slight transparent state, result in messy appearance
  • The circlet is actually recolored from Sandalphon (except the handling circlet)
    • It also has the same circlet when using Dark Judgement as well as the charging sound (with addition of a demon echo) and lobbing sound