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For the original version, see AI AS50.

Room restrict limitsniper Bendita or Vendetta is a premium sniper rifle obtainable from Bingo Event in Counter-Strike Online.


Empty slot This weapon has Part System installed.

Bendita is a modified version of AI AS50, featuring 7 rounds of .50 BMG Holy. This weapon was purposely designed for zombie combat. Every shot to the zombies will leave an afterburn effect.

Details: Holy Bullet does 20 damage per tick for 5 seconds to zombies upon hit.


  • Very high damage
  • Instant kill against humans except for legs
  • Has afterburn effect
  • Medium knockback power
  • High stun power
  • Moderate accuracy
  • Accurate even if running or jumping
  • Short reload time
  • Can be enhanced


  • Heavy weight
  • Low rate of fire
  • Obtainable through decoder and clear Bingo reward
  • Low clip size


Zombie Infection
  • It is helpful to support teammates as its afterburn effect can reveal cloaked Light Zombies, allowing other players to attack them.
  • Using this weapon on low-health zombies is recommended.
Zombie Scenario
  • 7 rounds of the Bendita can deal around 21,000 damage to Bosses, note that the attack power has been maxed, the default character is used and no additional item is used.
  • This weapon is great on walls because it can penetrate and kill zombies spawning behind them.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 26 June 2014.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 8 July 2014.
  • China & Japan: 9 July 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 1 April 2015.
  • Vietnam: 21 May 2015.
  • Indonesia: 2 December 2015.

Comparison to AS50[]



  • Larger magazine size (+2)
  • Has afterburn effect
  • Lower recoil (-1%)


  • Same reserved ammunition
  • Same reload time
  • Same base damage (100)
  • Same weight (20%)
  • Same accuracy (69%)
  • Same stun power (high)
  • Same knockback power (medium)
  • Can be enhanced





Inserting new magazines


Taking out empty magazine

Shooting sound

Drawing sound


  • The term Bendita has two possible derivations:
    • Benedicta, a Latin word for "holy".
    • Bendita or Bendito, a Spanish word for "holy" or "blessed".
  • A cross has been placed as the iron sight.
  • This is the second weapon that features holy water ammunition after Holy Bomb.
    • Even though it has the same anti-zombie properties of the Holy Bomb, it isn't required to play as Fernando to equip it. In addition, the afterburn effect doesn't work on humans.
  • The transparent magazine illustrates the bullet it contains. However, the ejected shell uses the default shell model.
  • Bendita's high penetration power enables it to damage Dione in Culvert when it is attacking from the top floor. A consequence of this is that aside from dealing afterburn damage is that it will immediately end the round as soon as Dione leaves its attacking position. This is best used during the later half of the rounds, as demonstrated here.
  • In premium enhancement, the magazine size extended until 20 rounds.
    • Unenhanced, it has 7 ammo, afterburn does 20 damage for 5 seconds.
    • +1 damage +1 ammo: 10 ammo, 60 damage for 6 seconds.
    • +2 damage +2 ammo: 14 ammo, 120 damage for 7 seconds.
    • +3 damage +3 ammo: 20 ammo, 200 damage for 8 seconds.

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