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See Big City for the original map.

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Big City: Coop is a mode which was released on 28 November 2013 for Big City map in Counter-Strike Online 2.


In this mode, Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist must cooperate to defeat a new enemy, the Scarlet Mask. The united team must navigate their way through the map and destroy the Scarlet Mask's army.


  • The main mission is to destroy enemy's battleship.
  • The secondary mission is to destroy enemy's helicopter, defense turret and commander.


The players must navigate their way throughout this map, eliminate opposing forces and bosses.

No. Task Description Time limit
1 Defend Nuclear Weapons The mission starts where players will receive their first objective through their commander; defend the nuclear weapons from being destroyed by the Scarlet Mask army. 20 minutes
2 Destroy Defense Turret After that, the players will move to another site, engaging into battle with three mounted turrets. 10 minutes
3 Shoot Down Choppers Once the turrets have been destroyed, they will enter a building where they must fight the Scarlet Mask's army, then go to the building's roof. On the building's roof they will be engaged by 2 helicopters which have large amounts of health. 24 minutes and 40 seconds
4 Sink Battleship After defeating the helicopters, the players will be engaged by a battleship which has stronger attack power and will be the final boss. 40 minutes


  • The players can buy weapons and equipment at some spots in this map. A new feature exists where the players can fully restore health by pressing the E button which costs $2000.
  • Some weapons' price are increased in this mode such as AWP which has been increased to $20,000.
  • The players can use the RPG-7. However, finding one is not easy since only one unit is available at each Buy Zone.

The Scarlet Mask[]

The Scarlet Mask is the head of a terrorist coalition. To fight this emerging threat, the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists have to work together to stop them.

Normal Troops[]

  • Equipped with several different weapons. They have low health points.

Shielded Troops[]

  • Equipped with just a riot baton and a tactical shield. Rush towards the players for melee combat. Shielded troops have a high health points.

Heavy Troops[]

  • Equipped with M134 Minigun and have a large amount of health.

Turrets and Rocket Launchers[]

  • Turrets and Rocket Launchers are very dangerous. It deals very high damage to the players.


  • The Scarlet Mask have helicopters that are equipped with Gatling guns and can launch missiles.


  • The Battleship of The Scarlet Mask will first appear in a scene where it crashes a building, then the players must destroy it while avoiding its attacks. The Battleship can launch missiles at the players, indicated by a small yellowish circular icon on an area.



  • This mode is similar to Human Scenario in Counter-Strike Online.
  • Prior to its debut, Nexon planned to have Big City support up to 128 players; 64 players on each faction. However, since the official release, the map only holds 32 players maximum; this limit may be increased in the future.
  • A Big City logo was printed in the radio's body.
  • Scarlet Mask's Battleship seems to be a Ticonderoga-class Cruiser, a naval vessel used by the United States Navy.
  • Scarlet Mask's Gunships seem to be MH-60L Direct Action Penetrators, gunship helicopters used by the United States Army.