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Bio Scorpion is a mutated machine scorpion appears as a boss in Behind chapter. It also appears in Illusion at round 4.


The players will meet this boss in the second round of Behind chapter. They must defeat it to complete the pursuit.

Bio Scorpion can dash, sting and hide in the sands. It can also create sand typhoon to send humans flying and heal itself if the players don't shoot its tail.


  • Hiding: The boss will create a black hole (which can pull players and cause damage) to hide in the sand then summon dust storm which injures the players.
  • Rush: The boss will charge towards a random player.
  • Tentacle summon: The boss will summon tentacles with its tail that can immobilize the players for a few seconds.
  • Healing: The boss will heal itself. This ability can be canceled by shooting its tail.


  • Always share your best weapon to your teammates.
  • Shooting directly at his face can deal cirtical damage.
  • When it's trying to summon tentacles, use this as an advantage to shoot its face because it's the weakness spot.
  • If it tries to hide and launch tornado attacks, make sure you stay far from the boss as its black hole can pull you in, and watch where the tornado comes to avoid it.
  • When Scorpion is ready to use healing skill, focus to shoot the tail to stop it.
  • There is a skill to know where the boss's tornado comes. When the boss is using the tornado skill, check the floor's colour near the boss. If the floor near the boss when it is starting to hide is black, the tornado will be coming either left or right hand side. If the floor colour doesn't change, the tornado comes from the middle of the boss.

Minimal Weapons Required[]

Thunderbolt Oicw Balrog5 Balrog9


Title Description Task
A medal given to a person who achieved victory in a battle with Bio Scorpion[Scorpion Chief] Gentlemen, you better be careful when you have a battle in the desert. There are not only invisible enemies. Sometimes, nature is scarier than any other enemies. (Only available in rooms for more than 4 players, easy stage is not included) Defeat Bio Scorpion 100 times.



  • This boss is an infected HEV, combat APC or Humvee which later evolved to a machine scorpion.
  • This is the second boss that has healing skill at mid-battle after Revenant.
  • In Indonesia region, this boss' official name is just "Scorpion".
  • In Illusion map, tornado wind's color is pale blue.
  • In Singapore/Malaysia region, sometimes player can see a Phobos' portrait on the boss health bar instead of the Scorpion due to a bug.
  • This is the first boss that has weakness on its face, the second one is Frozen Terror.
  • The black hole model is the same as the Oberon's.