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Black Dragon Cannon was a Lunar New Year weapon in Counter-Strike Online. It is currently available in the Transcendence Decoder.


This item can be obtained from Transcendence Decoder.

This is a cannon decorated to look like a dragon. It is a single-shot break-action equipment that has 20 Cannon Rounds in spare, which detonate within the targeted area creating a large volcano-like explosion, dealing tremendous damage to anything in its radius. Also, the weapon's gun barrel is built short, granting excellent mobility in combat.


  • Deals very high damage when fired in close range
  • Light weight
  • Lights up target for a short period of time
  • Good for destroying obstacles in Scenario modes
  • Can kill multiple targets at once
  • Moderate knock-back power


  • Effective in close range only
  • Damage decreases over range
  • Small magazine capacity
  • Expensive price for both weapon and ammunition
  • Deals low damage to bosses
  • Single-shot firearm


  • After firing the cannon, it is advisable to switch to your secondary weapon to stun/kill the enemy if it survives the initial shot.
  • Always remember to fire the weapon in close range as the damage decreases the further away you are from your target, effectively making the cannon useless.
  • Combine the Black Dragon Cannon with the Deadly Shot ability for maximum damage output.
  • This weapon can instantly kill enemies within one shot in Human modes.
  • Not recommended for dealing with bosses since it only deals 2000 damage to bosses.
  • Recommended when facing mini Bosses.
  • This weapon can be used effectively in Pursuit-type Zombie Scenario modes as it kills multiple zombies with one shot and breaks barriers easily.
  • When fully enhanced, it has a secondary fire mode which shoots non hit-scan explosive fireballs at long range
  • The fully-enhanced version deals 29,000 to 60,000 damage to bosses. with drop-rebuy tactics it can rival the Barrett M95 White Tiger.


Main article: Eruptor
Erupt Cannon or Eruptor is the prototype of the Black Dragon Cannon. Unlike its previous version, this one is available for purchase via Shop or Craft system, but as a shortcoming, it deals less damage, has less knockback power and is heavier.

Main article: Red Dragon Cannon
This is a cannon that can shoot a load of fire in a short range. It can unleash a robotic red dragon that breathes a stream of fire for 6 seconds (10 seconds after fully enhanced).

Gear bird cannon mk1
Main article: Gear Bird Cannon MK-1
This cannon deals higher damage to zombies and stuns better, but has weaker knockback as a tradeoff

Release date[]

  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 17 January 2012.
  • China: 18 January 2012.
  • South Korea: 19 January 2012.
  • Indonesia: 18 December 2013.
  • CSN:Z: 17 August 2015.
  • Vietnam: 4 February 2016.

How to obtain[]

This weapon was released alongside TMP Dragon on January 19th 2012. The player must collect 4 happy new year cards to get

2012 stclan

This weapon was released on 18 December 2013 alongside TMP Dragon. The players must collect 4 cards: X, M, A and S.

Alphabet Task
Texth01 Log in within the event period.
Texth02 Play for 5 hours cumulatively.
Texth03 Collect 8000 Kill Points.
Texth04 Can be obtained rarely from Code Box.

This weapon was released on 18 December 2013 alongside TMP Dragon. The players must collect a series of alphabets B, A, R and U.

Alphabet Task
AlphabetB Log in within the event period.
AlphabetA Play for 5 hours cumulatively.
AlphabetR Collect 8000 Kill Points.
AlphabetU Can be obtained rarely from Code Box.

Alphabet Task
Texth01 jpn ???
Texth02 jpn ???
Texth03 jpn ???
Texth04 jpn ???


Firing and reload sound

Draw sound


  • The Black Dragon Cannon is the fourth break-action weapon to be introduced into the game. The first being the M79 Saw off, the second being the SVDEX's grenade launcher and the third one being the Double-barreled shotgun.
  • There are two Chinese characters written on the weapon: "Hēi"(黑), written on the weapon's buttstock, which means "black" in English; "Dōng"(東), written on its barrel, which means "East".
  • This weapon does not share the same ammunition as the M79 and M203.
  • A replica of the Black Dragon Cannon was made by the gimmick presenters during the CSO World Championship 2013, specifically in the Zombie 4: Darkness announcement.
  • There's a glitch where the gun freezes for a couple of seconds when firing; though only if the user has high latency.
  • This is the second weapon which doesn't show the user reloading animation in third-person view after M79 Saw Off.
  • This is the first weapon to have a secondary fire mode when fully enhanced.

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