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Nguyenvu98 Nguyenvu98 31 May 2021

Các mẫu áo sweater hot nhất 2021

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Nhattminhh Nhattminhh 26 January 2020

Is there a tier list for OP weapons?

ZS and Zombie Z tier list would be good, thanks.

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InspectorWikia InspectorWikia 20 September 2019

CSN:Z - Stuck on Reward Selection Box windows.

Been like this several days to the point the game finally no longer playable even after reinstall. 

Opened Reward Selection Weapon box > Picked weapon I want > Pressed Choose and Yes > Window still stuck there, restart the game does nothing. Note the picked weapon also not sent to the inventory.

Any solution?

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Newphil Newphil 14 September 2019


idk wut to add here since i think i will use my uhhhhhhh.... gun i forgot name and get to moon to raid moon base :D ITS TIME TO WORLD WAR III

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JiangShiZombie JiangShiZombie 14 March 2019

The Great War

The Great War is an ongoing conflict between lFazeClan and DreAMProTeAM for LITERALLY nothing.

This conflict has been ongoing since mid June 2018, and escalated when Supreme Leader BiohazardPotato (LooseCannon's old nickname) totally annihilated VevoOr (ChammakChallo's old nickname) in Italy in order to protect his fellow squad-mate BiohazardBanana (DaisenSekai's old nickname). Many have supported Biohazard squad, causing them to gain respect much quicker. But sadly every good story comes to an end, just like how forthcoming Phobias and SpaceX team came to an end.

11 Jan, 2018: Izanagi retreated.

18 Jun, 2018: MAJOR retreated.

8 Jul, 2018: spimar died a heroic death to prevent ammaZ's slaves from stealing the secret plan that's designed to end …

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FrostyGale FrostyGale 10 March 2019

Weapons with background archive

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CubyX10 CubyX10 19 December 2018

Thanks all for anything!

It was a long way up but we are finally here. I'm so glad that i passed so many things and I had so many feelings. I will always try to do my best!

This year, a game made me to think about my future. I didn't belive that first time but, yeah, it's true! :D. I just entered this brand new world. And from now I'm open hearted! I know, I've got a long way to go...But I, I'm just getting started :).

It's not totally about me. 2 BIG persons had to pass BIG emotions. @Redd and @ACPIHungaristEX. I'm very proud of them. They did their best. They represented CSN:Z in a BIG Global Showcase. Ralsei , IS LIVIN' HIS DREAM; he will be a GM soon. How does this sound? He will be my Star/Model forever. So much work in a game but i'm sure he can do it! Congratulati…

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Meixui Meixui 13 December 2018

Different type of female character build

We need different types of character builds, most of the characters have the same bust/chest size like how the male characters like Enzo are muscular/Buff. If you still don't understand what I'm pointing at, we need female characters that have a different bust size or yet flat chested. 

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Celena Luna Celena Luna 3 September 2018

CSO Megaxus IP blocked again

They are fully blocked all other IP so only Singaporian/Indonesian/Malaysian can access the game.

Fake IP or say good bye to your account after you finally got Paladin, Lycanthrope and Magnum Drill from event

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TB Highwind TB Highwind 25 August 2018

CSO Korea leaked new content

Video link: The new content announcer has announced the upcoming new content in China

Screenshot of each content:

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AnggaraNothing AnggaraNothing 24 August 2018

(GUIDE) How to play CSO IDN-SG (Megaxus)

Register your game account at this page and follow the instructions.

  • What's the PIN number used for ?
  • PIN number is used for account password reset, etc.

  1. Download at
  2. Choose the Full Client
  3. If you can't access the link, try one of the following steps :
    1. Download from mirror server, or
    2. Connect a VPN server and try to download again.

If you live ...

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AnggaraNothing AnggaraNothing 23 August 2018

CSO SG Reopening?

First, new CSOID launcher GUI

Then, on announcement tab :

In other words, is CSO ID has been opened to singaporean ???

No official news post yet. Confirmed.

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Bgbg294 Bgbg294 7 July 2018

Desparado +6

Why are Desperado +6 not in the game i know it will have alot of kbp but the damage will be masive like no clip expaded but the desperado +6 can be only a skin for the pistols :)

Cool wapponds paints??

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JiangShiZombie JiangShiZombie 30 May 2018

How to get upcoming game files before NXKorea

Just follow this chinese person's Youtube Channel lol

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ReddUT ReddUT 12 May 2018

Transcendent John Cena, Preserved For Eternity

Transcendent John Cena is a Transcendent Counter-Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Release date
  • 3 Weapon of choice
  • 4 Zombie Scenario Stats
  • 5 Gallery
  • 6 Trivia

A world-famous 13-time wrestling champion. The stadium he was in was damaged by a zombie attack, orchestrated by terrorists. Now he's looking for revenge.

  • If you play with this character, you get 10% experience/points bonus. (20% experience points/points bonus for pc rooms)
  • This character has the highest level in Zombie Scenario mode, higher than normal class.
  • Maximum level increased by 10 in Zombie Scenario mode
  • Displays damage in top right corner in Zombie modes.
  • This class appears invisible, like Light Zombie's skill, to opponents
  • This class runs faster, jumps higher, and hits…

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OmArElKaHkY2015 OmArElKaHkY2015 8 May 2018

Mileage Auction is comin' back to CSN:Z tomorrow

You don't play CSN:Z anymore unless you're waiting for a good event that you like (Just like me)? Well, good for ya then, because NEXON is bringing back the Mileage Auction event tomorrow, so get hyped up, maybe?

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Shifter96 Shifter96 25 April 2018

What should I do now?

Today I've playing Basic mode with 4vs4 player. When I join on that room, the score was TR:0-4:CT (I'm in TR side). When the game start again, I only use TURBULENT-5 cause I don't have AUGbuff (LMAO XD). During the match, I'm being TF with perfect score (almost haven't die). Then all in rooms call me hacker because accidental my movement was fast and good reflex. Next, someone with high K/D, win rate, and Corps 1 rank come (he in TR side). Again, he also call me hacker and just report me to GM if I use hacker.

Can you have idea what I should I do? I afraid if the GM trust him and take action with my account with fast... And the worst part is my account get banned forever if they do that...

  • Sorry bad english 'cause I in panic situation

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Xxxtwdragonxxx Xxxtwdragonxxx 26 March 2018

Hand models for Transcendent Choi Ji Yoon and Yuri

They really should change the hand model for both Transcendent Choi Ji Yoon and Transcendent Yuri. NEXON could've put a little bit of effort on just changing the colors of the glove. Make Buff Choi having black gloves and red for Buff Yuri. As much as these two characters are really old, they are still being used a lot by people who got the characters from the Top Class Decoder. They even made new hand models for Dorothy Dark Knight, Flora Paladin, Elizabeth Crimson Hunter, and Sonya Lycanthrope. Why not just make the gloves different colors. 

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OmArElKaHkY2015 OmArElKaHkY2015 14 January 2018

Looking for friends to play with on CSO2 China

Ever since I played CSO2 China few years ago and stop playing it for a while, I decided to come back to it and play with friends, my IGN is Morinkashi and the server i'm playing at is this one. (The orange one which the server I selected it.)

EDIT: I'm no longer playing CSO2 due to a server shutdown announcement, It was fun while it lasts, it's really sad to see it go away from everyone, but until then, i'm done with CSO, If you still wanna play with me but on some other games, you can add me on Steam (Click here. ) and/or PSN/PS4 (ID: Morimkashi)

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Shifter96 Shifter96 14 January 2018

My assumptions About Magnum Launcher Will Coming

This weapon will coming on 18 January 2017, some predictions about this weapon I got are:

  • Base Damage: 52 or 55(A-mode); over 100(B-mode)
  • Accuracy: N/A(because it are shotgun)
  • Recoil: 40% or 52% or 58%
  • RoF: 80% or 82% or 85%(A-mode),
  • PORT: 7% or 4% or 8% or 14%
  • Knockback Power: Low(both of all mode, I think the B-mode knockback power are similar with missile from Brick Piece S1451)
  • Stun Power: High
  • Magazine Size: 30 or 35 or 40(A mode); 14(B mode)
  • Firing Mode: Automatic(A-mode); still confuse for B-mode
  • Caliber: 4 Gauge(because it based from Magnum Drill)
  • Reload Time: 2.5s(magazine) or 0.6s per pallet(without magazine)
  • Price in Match: $5750 or $6250 or $11500
  • System Name: sglauncher

It say if the B-mode can launch missile and I think it would similar wit…

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Shifter96 Shifter96 31 December 2017

Happy New Year 2018

We had survive in 2017 and we will enter in the 2018. I have some hopes in 2018, they are:

  • NEXON not messed the update again
  • Some balancing stuffs and others
  • Weapon which we wish/target has obtained with easy
  • No more make force us being P2W
  • And this wiki still active :)

I glad to meet you all on here for 2 years since I become a member here. And once again, Happy New Year all! :D

  • Sorry for my bad english :3
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Shifter96 Shifter96 23 December 2017

Dual Sword Phantom Slayer Damage Calculation

After I and AenneusMinolthena make the review about that sword, here's the result of the formula we get.

  •  A mode: Base>Base x 15.45
  • B mode: Base>Base x 1.4>Base2 x 1.3>Base3 x 4.5

Those have been rated and counted both with normal matches and zombie mods. If you not yet understand, you can watch this video.

P.S: I just give you some informations :]

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Shifter96 Shifter96 25 November 2017

My Last Message Here

I'm Dark Knight and Paladin a.k.a Shifter96, decided retired to play CSO. But I will stay on this wiki to contribute.

The reason why because my friends who have suffer to play this. From my former classmate (Artea) account was banned without any reason, then (SAllSweetKilleRz) account was ripped by someone, and last (AenneaMinolthena) which his weapons lost and tooked by others in Weapon Auction. I can feel they suffer and think... "Did they hurted? But you still safe?" Honestly I can't accept those... So, that's why I decided to retired.

Not only that, I also feel if I impossible to get gold grade weapon both on decoders and on Weapon Auction. My highest luck before when I got Python Desperado (with 2 regular decoder), Pesticide Sprayer (with…

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Quangtung1994 Quangtung1994 21 November 2017

CSO is so trash now :(

I think Nexon should change the title to Counter What Dafuq I'm Playing just because every single room I join was pretty much pure madness with Star Wars and Star Trek weapons with some Overwatch bullshit :(

At this rate I'm not even surprised if Nexon releases the Super Laser from the Death Star or some starships with orbital bombardments to fight the zombies.

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FreelosoFur FreelosoFur 28 September 2017

Ayyy Listen To Me

I just want the achievement :3

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Radnom Guy Radnom Guy 5 July 2017

Can't tell the different between update and trash :C

Anyone else can tell me where is the CSN:Z's Update ?

all i can see in this picture is just literal trash :/

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Radnom Guy Radnom Guy 26 June 2017

CSN:Z Jokes

So, CSN:Z is held an event that you must kill 100.000 zombies and will be given 30 Duration Extenders for one time during event period ?

lol what a joke...

In CSO Indonesia , if you kill 2000 Zombies you will got 30 Top30 Brand Decoder ,and 2 Top 50 Decoder from 25th June - 28th June for each day ! 

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LycanthChimera LycanthChimera 20 June 2017

CSO Wikia, help csnz wikia

HELP!!! sorry for caps. anonymous attack csnz wikia and erase some pages. Please, who can, help!!!

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Shifter96 Shifter96 8 June 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Have TURBULENT-5

Honestly, I'm not forcing you to do that. But I'm only give you're suggestion and also this is only my opinion :))

1. This weapon are very good and suitable on TDM or Basic mode.

2. Because TURBULENT-5 have much advantage than original version (M14 EBR), you will easily become MVP.(1)

3. The TURBULENT-5 could being a "Strongest Weapon" on human match, although some weapons can still balancing/surpassing it.(2).

4. If you want to try balancing/surpassing TURBULENT-5 with enhanced M14 EBR, the only way to do that are give firing +3 points. Because M14 EBR with firing +3 same as TURBULENT-5 RoF.

5. And the last. If you are human match(TDM/Basic) player and want to get "Army" status, this weapon are the key of the way.


(1): Of course you need h…

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LycanthChimera LycanthChimera 30 May 2017


How to register in CSO TW/HK?

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Shifter96 Shifter96 6 May 2017

CSOnLine summer big revision content

I don't have time to explain it, but I suggest you all to watch this...


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Ihavecripplingdepression Ihavecripplingdepression 2 March 2017

Hello there.

Hello fellow players of Counter Strike Online

As a starter of this blog post i am doing, I recently joined the Wiki due to some much needed editing of the CS:GO article found in this wiki.

I am training to be a CSGO Esports player one day and it seems like some of the users here have no to little knowledge about CSGO, so let me have the honor of giving you a basic "Kick-up" of how many differences does CSGO have on the Asia-Exclusive, Counter-Strike Online (1 & 2)

First off, There are NO Female Characters in CSGO, now. you might ask "Why would they remove the near Scantily-clad beauties and waifus from ever participating in glorious combat?!?!" Well, you see. The Western FPS genre is particularly focused on Storyline and Realism. So that's th…

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Epicskunk Epicskunk 1 February 2017

Hello All!

As you might know, I recently joined this wiki.

Well... Maybe not recently, but whatever...

I'm here to help all of you when it comes to questions, so if you have any questions, or things you didn't understand in the wiki, be sure to ask me. I will try to help you guys if possible.

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JPPang JPPang 18 January 2017

Red Dragon Cannon new image

from jp official site  Is it the Summoner class for pso2?

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Shifter96 Shifter96 31 December 2016


Happy New Year 2017, all players CSO, CSO2, and CS:NZ...! XD

Hopes in 2017:

  • We can more better to play and also have exellent connection internet to play... :D
  • NEXON not make crazy event again or some ridiculous things... XP
  • All players who don't have targeted weapon (especially Magnum Drill XD), in 2017 will get it soon XD
  • All Decoders must resold with cheap price... XD

Also for all Admins, thank you for all works to give information about update patch, weapon stats, and others into this Wiki :D

-Dark Knight and Paladin

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JPPang JPPang 23 December 2016


video upload

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Shifter96 Shifter96 24 August 2016

Don't Underestimate The Power of CROW!

  1.  Its power is equivalent to anti-zombie weapon SKULL and JANUS
  2. Also very effective in places like ducts on the map Assault and Abyss 2
  3. To enable Crow Reload System, no need to wait for the first runs of magazine and reloaded. When the early rounds, you just need to remove one bullet and reload. Wait for the chance to kill the zombies come and use deadly shot without fear!
  4. If you do not believe my words, you try to make it or look for these weapons succeed
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DeNoobGaming DeNoobGaming 17 August 2016

A Tribute to Counter-Strike Online Vietnam (2015 - 2016)

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SuperSayaKiller SuperSayaKiller 31 July 2016

Buffed Weapons Damage

All the information is from CSOL/China

Admins add this to the wiki, i dont know good

how to use this wiki.


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Ehsan123 Ehsan123 5 July 2016


I don't have any idea :( so I just only fun fact like CSO patch.

  • 1 Update 1
    • 1.1 Patch 1
    • 1.2 Patch 2
    • 1.3 Patch 3
    • 1.4 Patch 4
  • 2 Update 2
    • 2.1 Patch 1
    • 2.2 Patch 2
    • 2.3 Patch 3
    • 2.4 Patch 4
  • 3 Update 3
    • 3.1 Patch 1
    • 3.2 Patch 2
    • 3.3 Patch 3
    • 3.4 Patch 4
  • 4 Update 4
    • 4.1 Patch 1
    • 4.2 Patch 2
    • 4.3 Patch 3
    • 4.4 Patch 4
  • 5 Update 5
    • 5.1 Patch 1
    • 5.2 Patch 2

  • Held Close Beta Test (CBT)
  • Added all CS 1.6 and CSCZ maps
  • Added all CS 1.6 weapons permanent
  • Added CS 1.6 factions

  • Added Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Basic modes
  • Added CSO factions
  • Fixed some bugs:
    • Increased HE Grenade damage
    • Deleted Shield in CT

  • Added shop and craft system
  • Added some weapons (point weapon)
  • Added limit mode
  • Added Annihilation mode:
    • Added Dust2A, Another Episode and Gallery maps
    • Play twice times in Annihilation mode to get FN SCAR H and XM8 Sharpshoot…

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DeNoobGaming DeNoobGaming 30 May 2016

My history of Counter Strike

My name is TuanPINGAS. I have been a long time Counter-Strike fan since I was only 8 years old. Also a League of Legends addict. You may think I was too young for such shooting games, but as long as I haven't commit any real life murders yet, it's still OK for me to play lol.

Anyway here's my history of Counter Strike:

2004: Created Steam account and faked age to buy CS and started the franchise. Username: noobplayer. 2007: Bought CS: Source. Username: noobplayer. 2010: Registered an account to play CSO SG/MY. Username: noobplayer. 2012: Bought CS:GO. Username: noobplayer. 2015: Steam account lost due to Valve's security holes that allowed hackers to steal it. Stopped playing Counter-Strike for a while. League was the only game played aroun…
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Golden TFGVNXP Golden TFGVNXP 16 January 2016

My history of playing CS games:)

Hi,i am Golden TFGVNXP.

I play CS for 11 years(Start play in year 2005) :) I am fan and pro of CS games:)

My username in CS 1.1 : Gacon,Playered.

My username in CS 1.6:GXP,Gun XP,Gun XPD,gun xp zombie plague 24/7,Kevin,Steel,DON.

My username in Half life:Ploper.

My username in CS:CZ:Yazen,Yojky.

My username in CS:S:Leetest,Dustinet.

My username in CS:GO: Salamer,UiToMaTa.

My username in CSO Vietnam: TFGVNXP,SysteMeeTest.

My username in CSO 2 China : Samtor.

I am very love CS games and Half Life too:)

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Ehsan123 Ehsan123 16 January 2016

Level ranks (Indonesia)

There is Level Ranks for Indonesia version.


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AlreadyJoined AlreadyJoined 9 January 2016

who knows about LavaZza and IIAmicusII clans??

Well,this is my first blog.I just want to know about 2 clan/family.there are IIAmicusII and LavaZza.i just a little bit curious with that both clan/family.because their name make an apperance in a map,de_sanctuary.As you know,this map has a lot of easter egg.maybe this is one of new discovered easter egg.So,this is the story:

A week ago,i extracted de_sanctuary map to CS CZ.Then.i played it.when i played it,there was 2 strange symbol or logo.A little bit curious about that logos,i sprayed a spray on it and the spray color became darker than the original color.after that,i decided to be a spectator to see what's behind that logo texture and i found 2 clans name:Amicus and LavaZza.i dont know where those clan came my opinion,they were…

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Ehsan123 Ehsan123 7 January 2016

Counter Strike Online Content Patch (Re-new)

This is a re-new patch from Counter-Strike Online

  • 1 Patch 1
    • 1.1 Update 1
    • 1.2 Update 2
    • 1.3 Update 3
    • 1.4 Update 4
  • 2 Patch 2
    • 2.1 Update 1
    • 2.2 Update 2
    • 2.3 Update 3
    • 2.4 Update 4
  • 3 Patch 3
    • 3.1 Update 1
    • 3.2 Update 2
    • 3.3 Update 3
    • 3.4 Update 4
  • 4 Patch 4
    • 4.1 Update 1
    • 4.2 Update 2
    • 4.3 Update 3
    • 4.4 Update 4
  • 5 Patch 5
    • 5.1 Update 1
    • 5.2 Update 2
    • 5.3 Update 3
    • 5.4 Update 4
  • 6 Patch 6
    • 6.1 Update 1
    • 6.2 Update 2
    • 6.3 Update 3
    • 6.4 Update 4
  • 7 Patch 7
    • 7.1 Update 1
    • 7.2 Update 2
    • 7.3 Update 3
    • 7.4 Update 4
  • 8 Patch 8
    • 8.1 Update 1
    • 8.2 Update 2
    • 8.3 Update 3
    • 8.4 Update 4
  • 9 Patch 9
    • 9.1 Update 1
    • 9.2 Update 2
    • 9.3 Update 3
    • 9.4 Update 4
  • 10 Patch 10
    • 10.1 Update 1
    • 10.2 Update 2
    • 10.3 Update 3
    • 10.4 Update 4
  • 11 Patch 11
    • 11.1 Update 1
    • 11.2 Update 2
    • 11.3 Update 3
    • 11.4 Update 4
  • 12 Patch 12
    • 12.1 Update 1

  • Held Close Beta Test (CBT).
  • All Weapon Classic include to inventory.
  • Released all map Counter-St…

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Thieu.t.hodinh Thieu.t.hodinh 20 December 2015

Does CROW-7 only have a mode: Fast reload ?

I don't know more this weapon. Please explain !

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Zero527 Zero527 30 October 2015

Maybe i start to make own Guide


I want to make ZM 4 Guide to CSN:Z but its hard for me to make decision to start creating because i never do this in past

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Eara Lorelei Eara Lorelei 29 October 2015

Just a bit curious about sk9

Just as what the title says . Are these following weapon still have its "bug" ability besides Cso Indonesia Server?

SKULL 9 , Green Dragon Glaive , Hammer

Please write at the comment below following the server you guys are playing

Thank you

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Is a good hackshield replacement exelent from GM´s CSN:Z now envolve. :)

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Da F2P Scout Da F2P Scout 23 October 2015

My first blog "post"

So this is a blog post. I don't know why I did this. I'm probably an achievement hunter. Okay, fine, I am. Is that bad? Probably not.


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