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Bloody Blade or Melee Up was a human ability in Zombie: The Mutation and Zombie: The Hero.


After Free Update, this item was removed as the damage of melee weapons is already doubled.

As a human, the player can use the Bloody Blade skill that doubles the damage of melee attack for 5 seconds. This ability can only be used once in a round.


  • This skill should be used by players who are skilled and have experience in using melee weapons.
  • It is advisable to use the Nata Knife, SKULL-9, Hammer, Green Dragon Blade, Dual Wakizashi or BALROG-IX with this ability as any other melee weapons would not inflict as much damage as these weapons.
  • If a player is experiencing lag, do not use this skill, in fact do not try to combat zombies with melee weapons because the player will end up getting infected.
  • Always aim for a back stab to zombies as it does much more damage.
  • Time this skill properly as it is only activated for 5 seconds. When the other players are shooting a zombie, try to melee it with this skill.
  • Combine it with Sprint so you can easily avoid zombie attacks.