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Zmrewalk passzombi icon01 Blotter Zombie is a zombie type in Counter-Strike Online.


This zombie is only usable in Zombie 2: Mutation, Zombie 3: Hero, Bot Zombie Mod and Zombie Z.

He was a researcher at Rex's laboratory, but he wanted a more powerful weapon experiment and turned himself into zombie. He took off his body and completed his ability to make bombs.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 14 December 2017.
  • Indonesia: 11 April 2018.
  • CSNZ: 9 May 2018.

Tips using Blotter Zombie[]

  • Craft a Zombie Grenade whenever you like.
  • Only one Zombie Grenade is available to craft at once.
  • You cannot craft another Zombie Grenade if you already have one.


Icon Name Description
Zombieskill pass Bomb Creation It consumes 5,000 health and gains 1 red zombie bomb. Can not be used if your health is below 5,000. You can put up to two bombs down on the ground with the 'Disarm Weapon', and other bombs can be picked up by other zombies. In this case, you earn bonus points.
Zombieskill zombicrazy Berserk Increases movement speed for 10 seconds, but increases damage received by 50%.


Skin Zombie

Scarecrow skin available for Blotter. Obtainable from 2019 Season 2.