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Blue Rabbit Mirage is a female Counter-Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


She is a virtual streamer of Krono World, a VR platform that enjoys broadcasting while communicating with fans in cute clothes, but she is actually an excellent hacker. Online, she is lively, but offline, she is shy and timid. She found the suspicious records of Krono World that she happened to see and trying to contact the Aegis Institute while avoiding enemies approaching to obtain information.

  • Transcendence class CT
  • Transcendence class exclusive voice is applied


I wasn't feeling very well before.

Thanks to you, I had a long time at home, Naturally, I was closer to the computer than to my peers. Maybe that's why I tend to hide a lot. Even now, to be honest, I am embarrassed, but I am courageous. But thanks to my childhood, my computer skills have improved a lot... haha. Oh, you don't have to worry because you're healthy now! Even when I was young, Anemone was healthier and much more active than I was. At one time, I was envious of it, so I complained, but Anemone didn't bother me and stayed with me. Even thinking about it now, thank you so much. Well, I did say that thanks to that, the anemones also found their aptitude. I also enjoy what I am doing right now, so I am spending each day happily. To be honest, I'm still very shy about meeting people, but it feels like I don't have to worry about that with VR broadcasting? That's why it's so fun to broadcast all the time, and you guys enjoy watching it like that, so there's something really good about it, right? Recently, the number of streamers has increased, and they are trying to work harder! We are preparing various contents, so please look forward to it hehe. It's actually a secret, but I've been noticing some suspicious things lately. I haven't figured out much yet, but I think it's a bit serious...

I guess I need to find out more. If I find out anything, I will contact you as well. So, shall we end the interview here? Actually, I was just about to do a live reaction. ah! I think it would be more fun if I took the Anemone with me, and I'll do it now!


Buffclassskill 23s2ct bg
  • Paired Weapon: Magnum Launcher
    • Acquires special bullets whenever left-click shooting is performed a certain number of times
    • Increases the number of special bullets fired when right-clicking is fired
    • Increases direct hit damage of special bullets in Zombie and Zombie Scenario Mode
  • Zombie Scenario Skills: Saber Protocol
    • Passive: Increases critical hit rate and movement speed when progressing with a zombie scenario with the <Alpaca Anemone> class (bond system, does not overlap with other bond buffs).
    • <Drug Addict> addon effect is applied by default (addon can be installed repeatedly, and the effect is increased when duplicated)
    • Active: Grants invincibility to yourself and nearby allies for a certain period of time in Zombie Scenario Mode.

During the period of invincibility, the user absorbs a certain amount of damage dealt as Vampiric.

  • When playing with this character, a 10% EXP/point bonus is applied. (20% EXP/point bonus applied in Internet Cafe)
  • This character has a higher maximum level than the general class in Zombie Scenario Mode.
  • For this character, one mutation is added for the first time in Zombie Z mode.
  • This character's current damage is displayed on the bottom HUD.
  • For this character, a dedicated kill mark is displayed when an enemy is defeated.
  • In zombie mode, zombies with less than 20% health are displayed.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 1 June 2023.
  • CSN:S: 14 June 2023.

Zombie Scenario stats[]