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For original version, see Lightning Fury

Blue Storm is a Transcendent grade pistol in Counter-Strike Online.


An advanced weapon that can generate powerful electrical storms. It delivers a powerful shock forward while surrounding the user with an electric field. After a certain number of shots, it builds up enough charge to power the jet pack (up to 2 times).


  • Higher damage
  • Lighter


  • Harder to obtain


  • Notify crosshair when hit is successful
  • Reserved magazine is unlimited in scenario mode

Detailed Functions[]

  • Basic shooting consumes energy and increases basic attack damage when 2nd stage boost charging
  • Right-click consumes one energy gauge and accelerates to a certain speed in the direction of the line of sight
  • When shooting, inflicts normal 8, zombie mode 71, zombie scenario 149 or more damage to enemies in all directions
  • Energy charging conditions are different in normal, zombie and scenario modes.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 20 May 2021.
  • China: 26 May 2021.
  • CSN:S & Taiwan/Hong Kong: 2 June 2021.



  • This is the first expanded Transcendent weapon to have a design overhaul compare to its original.