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Bomb Defuse is an original mode in Counter-Strike. It is still playable in Counter-Strike Online, as well as with some improvements.


The main objective of the Counter-Terrorists (CT) is to prevent the Terrorists from planting the C4 bomb and if this cannot be avoided by defusing the bomb before the timer runs out. The Terrorists' objective is similarly to either kill the counter-terrorists, or plant the bomb and ensure detonation. Should the bomb be planted, the normal round timer is considered null; at this point, it is imperative that the Counter-Terrorists find the bomb, kill the terrorists sure to be protecting it, and defuse the bomb.

The bomb can only be planted at a bombsite, of which there are usually two on a map (usually assigned the letters A and B). On bomb defuse maps, the Counter-Terrorists can buy a special defuse kit that decreases the time needed to defuse a bomb.

The defuse scenario is by far the most popular and most balanced game mode. For those reasons, it is usually the only scenario used for tournaments or other competitive matches.

Recommended weapons

Starting money: $800.

First round

This is the pistol round. You have two strategies:

  • Buy Kevlar vest and spare ammo for pistol - You are less vulnerable to enemy attacks (unless headshot) and can do the counterattack.
  • Buy Desert Eagle and spare ammo - You are very vulnerable to enemy attacks but with a high caliber pistol in your hand, you can finish the enemy first.

Second round

You have two options:

  • Buy MP5 to save up money for Kevlar and Helmet - MP5 has decent firepower and balanced accuracy.
  • Buy assault rifle - You are vulnerable but you are deadly. Luck and skill needed.

Third round and up

Usually in these rounds, assault rifles and sniper rifles are common unless you have low money possession. You can buy MP5 or Desert Eagle for engagement.

Compatible maps

Airstrip gfx Aztec icon Cbble gfx Chateau icon Dust icon Dust2 icon Inferno icon Nuke icon Piranesi gfx Prodigy gfx Storm gfx Survivor gfx Torn gfx Train icon Vegas gfx Vertigo icon

Corruption gfx Fastline gfx Sienna icon Stadium gfx Tides gfx Truth gfx Vostok gfx

Dazzling gfx Rex gfx Toscana gfx De dust0 cso De santorini cso De turkey cso De wintershelter cso De mirage cso De skyscraper cso


Title Description Task
[Bomb Expert]
A professional who control a bomb. A medal given to players who have planted or defused a bomb for umpteen times in Original mode. Plant and defuse 100 C4s.

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