Counter Strike Online Wiki

A bombsite is the area in a bomb defuse map where the Terrorists must plant the bomb in order to win.

Bomb defuse maps usually have two bombsites named Bombsite A and Bombsite B.


  • The location of the bombsites varies depending on the map. Though in most maps, some bombsites are located at or near the CT spawn area.
  • In a bombsite, there are usually several boxes of weapon chemical stashes, which are the objects that need to be destroyed. Prior to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, these boxes used to leave shattered pieces once the bomb exploded. In Counter-Strike: Source, the props within the bombsite would ignite with fire.
  • In addition, some bombsites have a red cross painted on the floor, usually around the center, with either a small "A" or "B" beside it. However, it is not required to plant the C4 exactly on the cross. A Terrorist can simply place the bomb at any location he desires, as long as it is in the vicinity of the area and he is on ground level in most situations.