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Bootleg or Condemned Criminal is a non-player character in Battle Rush.


This criminal is the former leader of a Terrorist squad, who was a part of the Super Soldier Project that has been caught by a Counter-Terrorist squad. He is going to be delivered to a research institute for an experiment sample but later ambushed by a mysterious Terrorist group on the way.

He was later discovered by Victor squad in half-way escaping the operation area, and was eliminated by Victor himself during his captive in a territory which is the Bootleg training yard, he was known to have a advanced tech armory funded by Vanguard Company due to his overdosed mutation made him completely lost his ability to think. By awaring of his death, Douglas Jacob procced to turn his back against Vanguard for their promising investment gone into waste.


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  • According to the model's texture, Bootleg has the figure of Carlito face.
  • This boss is probably inspired from Leatherface, a character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror-film series and its spin-offs.
  • Despite all the armor parts destroyed during attachment sequence, he still plays the equipment check animation
  • During his second encounter on Map 2 of Episode Victor, you can aim directly on his body rather than the weapon that the game guides the player to aim on to destroy his weapon, also that sequence gaves him an unusual amount of HP that the damage record wont register, the HP depending on difficulties.

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