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For original version, see David Black.
For his counterpart, see Special Agent Criss.

Boss David Black is a Transcendent grade Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


The living legend of SAS. He is a true soldier who always practices the slogan 'who dares wins'. After rescuing Erica from the Lost City, he saw the contents of the secret document found at the institute. His life, who had been loyal to the state with everything he had, became completely different. As the past of living in the world before becoming a soldier was exposed, he was disgraced. Everything disappeared in one moment, but he jumps into the back world again for Erica.

  • When playing with this character, 10% EXP and points (20% in the PC room) bonus applied.
  • This character has a higher level than the normal class in the Zombie Scenario mode.


  • For this class, a dedicated voice will be applied.
  • The maximum level of the Scenario is increased by 10
  • When an enemy is killed, a dedicated mark is displayed at the target location
  • The current damage is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • In Zombie Z mode, 1 additional mutation is applied
  • In Zombie Scenario, you can use a [Invincibility] skill for a certain period of time
  • When using M3 Black Dragon, a dedicated dialogue is output
  • Marks (Targetmark.png) zombies at 20% HP or below in Zombie Mode.

Release date

  • China: 21 October 2020.
  • TW/HK: 21 October 2020.
  • CSN:S: 28 October 2020.
  • South Korea: 29 October 2020.

Black's Sunglasses

Buffclass20s3tr face.png

Sunglass Costume worn by David Black.

Signature weapon


Zombie Scenario stats



"Feels like old"

"Let's wipe them out"

"I'm on fire!"

"Sucks to be you!"

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