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Bots or AI players (Artificial Intelligence) is a system in Counter-Strike series.


Bots can only be used in Original, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Bot Zombie Mod. They are fought as an opponent instead of real players. In bot modes, players can only join the same team as the room host. The room host can select their desired difficulty. In Counter-Strike Online, the host has to kill an amount of bots to unlock a new difficulty. The task gets more difficult as it goes. When a player joins a room, a bot will automatically join to balance the game if the host has checked Bot balancing. If there are friendly Bots set by the host, they will be replaced by a connected player, thus they will come back when a player drops out.

In Battle Rush and Zombie Giant, the bots are automatically added when starting a game. The room host cannot select their difficulty or number of bots.

Counter-Strike Online uses a modified Counter-Strike: Condition Zero bots as their main AI and cannot be changed.


The bots can perform a radio talk, similar to players and follow the radio commands given by the players. The bots will either accept or decline the commands, depending on their coop level. The bots will talk by Voice Chat by default and able to use this to communicate with other bots. They can also carry out the task of the mode or map as if they are a real player. However, the bots need navigation files to navigate around the map.

The bots use classic weapons. Harder bots tend to use rifles, while easier bots plainly choose any random primary weapons they can buy. Occasionally, they can be seen using other weapons like QBB-95, MG36 or USAS-12. This happens on a bot that doesn't have any weapon preference, which picked a dropped weapon before they could buy any weapon, thus making them seen like they have bought it. Using this advantage, the player can drop a friendly Bot weapons they cannot buy to make them stronger.

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Difficulty Conditions Bot Remarks
Very Easy - Messed up aiming, very slow reaction and does not really react to sound
Easy Kill 500 Very Easy bots Slightly better aiming and reaction
Normal Kill 1,000 Easy bots Better in aiming and reaction, starts to burst-fire
Hard Kill 2,000 Normal bots Controls recoil with better aiming and faster reaction
Very Hard Kill 5,000 Hard bots AWPer is dangerous and begins to use wallbang expertly
Powerful Kill 10,000 Very Hard bots Begins to hit players even when moving, begins to jump while shooting close quarters
Expert Kill 20,000 Powerful bots Can kill a player equipped with an assault rifle by using only a handgun


Kill 50,000 Expert bots The highest level available, capable to kill several enemies at one time

Skill Template

  • Skill: 0
  • Reaction time: 0.50 seconds
  • Attack delay: 1.50 seconds

  • Skill: 25
  • Reaction time: 0.40 seconds
  • Attack delay: 1.00 seconds

  • Skill: 50
  • Reaction time: 0.40 seconds
  • Attack delay: 0.70 seconds

  • Skill: 60
  • Reaction time: 0.30 seconds
  • Attack delay: 0.35 seconds

  • Skill: 75
  • Reaction time: 0.25 seconds
  • Attack delay: 0.00 seconds

  • Skill: 80
  • Reaction time: 0.25 seconds
  • Attack delay: 0.00 seconds

  • Skill: 90
  • Reaction time: 0.20 seconds
  • Attack delay: 0.00 seconds

  • Skill: 100
  • Reaction time: 0.20 seconds
  • Attack delay: 0.00 seconds


Title Description Task
[Bot Master]
Gentleman, always remember not to look down on weaker enemies. Open all difficulty levels for Bot Mode.
[Bot Zombie Master]
Gentleman, you shouldn't belittle on them just because they are dead. Don't forget they are zombies. Unlock Elite difficulty level in Bot Zombie mode.

Weapon Preferences

Some bots have weapon preferences, meaning the weapon they will buy will be predictable. Knowing their weapon preferences will help players on awaring them. Notice that some of the bots don't have one. Also, some of the guns they prefer cannot be bought because cheaper guns has been set at higher priority (noted as (buy altered)). However, they will pick up those weapons if the weapon they have has lower priority or did not match their preference.

  1. M4a1 icon
  2. Ak47 icon
  3. Famas icon
  4. Galil icon
  5. Mp5

  1. Ak47 icon
  2. M4a1 icon
  3. Galil icon
  4. Famas icon
  5. Mp5

  1. Aug gfx
  2. Sg552 gfx
  3. Famas icon
  4. Galil icon
  5. Mp5

  1. Awp
  2. Sg550 gfx
  3. G3sg1 icon (Buy altered)
  4. Scout gfx
  5. Famas icon
  6. Galil icon
  7. Mp5

  1. M249
  2. Xm1014
  3. Icon m3 cso
  4. Famas icon (Buy altered)
  5. Galil icon (Buy altered)
  6. Mp5

  1. Xm1014
  2. Icon m3 cso
  3. Famas icon (Buy altered)
  4. Galil icon (Buy altered)
  5. Mp5

After death respawn, they will buy random weapons.

  1. P90
  2. Tmp icon
  3. Mac10
  4. Mp5 (Buy altered)

Bot Zombie Mod

In Bot Zombie Mod, BOTs are equipped with different choice of weapons:

Ak47 icon G3sg1 icon Icon usas cso P90 Xm1014 Awp

Icon usp Elites


He grenade icon


Very Easy Easy Normal Hard Very Hard Powerful Expert Elite
Albert Calvin (Spray) Adam (Rifle) Brad (Rifle) Chad (Rifle) Seth (Rifle) Brett (Rifle) Cliffe (Rifle)
Allen Alfred Mike (RifleT) Connor (Rifle) John (Rifle) Vinny (RifleT) Quade (Rifle) Wolf (Rifle)
Bert Bill Andy (PunchT) Derek (Rifle) Tony (Rifle) Quinn (Sniper) Quintin (Rifle) Gunner (RifleT)
Cecil Brandon Ianl (Sniper) Eric (Rifle) Victor (Rifle) Cory (Power) Zach (Rifle) Steel (RifleT)
Clarence Dean Dennis (Shield) Finn (Rifle) Zim (Rifle) David Arnoldt (RifleT) Pheonix (Punch)
Elliot Dustin Chris Kevin (Rifle) Chet (RifleT) Denver Kurt (Punch) Shark (PunchT)
Elmer Ethan Colin Rick (Rifle) Ivan (RifleT) Ebony Rip (PunchT) Stone (PunchT)
Eugene Harold Doug Troy (Rifle) Jim (Punch) Edan Kyle (Sniper) Rock (Power)
Fergus Henry Gary Wayne (Rifle) Joe (PunchT) Eldora Moe (Shotgun) Crusher (Shotgun)
Ferris Irving Grant Xavier (Rifle) Tyler (PunchT) Farrell Ringo Zed (Sniper)
Fred Jason Greg Dave (RifleT) Vladimir (Sniper) Favian Gemma Minh (Spray)
George Josh Jerry Erik (RifleT) Hank (Shotgun) Felix Gilbert Fleta
Graham Martin Jon Reed (RifleT) Gabe (Spray) Fidelio Goofy Gump
Harvey Nick Keith Wade (RifleT) Zane (Spray) Darwin Gregory Romeo
Irwin Norm Markl Xander (RifleT) Lukas Danika Harley Salvatore
Lester Orin Nate Adrian (Sniper) Mabel Coyote Hollis Samson
Marvin Pat Paul Don (Shotgun) Malo Coco Neema Scoop
Neil Perry Scott Dan Navid Chase Lloyd Severino
Oliver Ron Tom Jeff Nicholas Calix Kuper Storm
Opie Shawn Yahn Ted Pablo Bright Klaus Thomas
Toby Tim Lakia Dixie Patrick Charles Karis Sting
Ulric Will Leopold Derry Pello Beck Jericho Spotty
Ulysses Wyatt Kellan Crispin Pooky Aster Reggie Robbie
Uri Frank Justin Crimson Primo Baldy Jaclyn Rio
Waldo Frasier Jefferson Corby Rex Baba Jace Jasper
Wally Yaro Haley Dario Rollo Siang Isaac Redford
Walt Neal Huey Bruno Rudolph Alex Ingrid Phillip
Wesley Oscar Elvis Jeremy Sam Abel Indira Pluto
Yanni Poco Duke Jess Sebastian Alan Hubert Bob
Yogi Verai Cromit Mighty Simon Gali Machine Craksus
Jean Zeki Yaksuman Murphy Sparky Taro Nia Janus
Ssangma Neogaia Hwatas Ranianleo Raps Windleo
Neige Matt Roy
RealBob Steve Andrew
Ernie Vena
Niles Ralph


  • These bots are based from the Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.
  • Most bot's names are based on Valve employees' names. For example, one of the very hard difficulty is named Gabe, who is the founder of the Valve, or Minh & Cliffe, the creators of the original Counter-Strike (Minh Le & Jess Cliffe).
  • The bots in Bot Zombie Mod and Zombie Giant are elite bots.
  • All bots will only use Seal knife as their melee weapon.
  • The bots in Battle Rush are hard bots.
  • Bots cannot detect players within smokes from smoke grenade.
  • The weapon preference of bots in Taiwan/Hong Kong is different from other regions. Some of them use SCAR-L, XM8 Carbine, VSK-94 and QBB-95, replacing M4A1, AK-47, AWP and M249 respectively.
  • Regardless of the gender when the player is choosing a class, bots will still call them as "Sir".
  • The radio response between bots are messed up in Counter-Strike Online. This is because the navigation files for bots have been manually modified.
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