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For the original version, see PKM.

Brick Piece T50 is a Unique grade Brick Piece machine gun in Counter-Strike Online.


This is a 200-round machine gun built from a special set of blocks to resemble the PKM. Its B mode transforms the weapon into a tank for better performance, depending on the situation.

Details: Right-click to switch to Tank mode. Cannonballs explode on hit, doing AoE damage. Damage: 139 (Normal), 1388 (Zombie), 1338 (Scenario)


  • High damage, especially in B mode
  • High accuracy and rate of fire in A mode
  • Low recoil in A mode
  • High magazine size in A mode
  • Possible to perform headshot in B mode


  • Expensive
  • Low accuracy and rate of fire in B mode
  • High recoil in B mode
  • Heavy weight
  • Low magazine size in B mode
  • Long reloading time
  • Projectiles do not instantly hit the targets and drop over distances in B mode
  • Obtainable via Mileage Decoder only

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 26 May 2016.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 31 May 2016.
  • China & Japan: 1 June 2016.
  • CSN:Z: 10 August 2016.



  • SAS: Seen in posters.


  • Yuri: Seen in posters.

Comparison to PKM (A mode)[]


  • Higher accuracy in A mode (+7%)
  • Lower recoil in A mode (-16%)
  • Higher rate of fire (+1%)
  • Higher magazine size in A mode (+50)
  • Can be remodelled to a tank
  • Same damage (30)
  • Same knockback and stun powers
  • Same reloading time (4.5s)
  • More expensive (+$1900)
  • Heavier (+1%)
  • Does not have 3-round burst mode
  • Obtainable via Mileage Decoder only


Shooting sound

Ditto, B mode


  • The file name for this weapon is "blockmg" which refers to "Block Machine Gun".
  • The B mode model resembles a T50 tank, or a Leopard 2 tank (for China region).
  • In the China region, this gun was released on Children's Day (June 1).
  • The idle animation shows a lego soldier and the user saluting to each other. He also appears in reloading animation, that shows him reloading the tank.
  • In a later update, its magazine size was changed from 150 to 200.
  • Oddly, its A mode firing sound is mixed up with B mode firing sound.

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