For weapon it resembles, see Colt M4A1.

Brick Piece V2 is an assault rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


This item can only be obtained from Code B Decoder.

This is a special assault rifle built from a special set of blocks to resemble the M4A1, fed with 40 rounds of Plastic Brick. It can be switched between automatic fire or explosive missile fire mode.


  • Has silencer in A mode
  • High stun power
  • Can kill multiple target with just 1 shot in B mode


  • Low knockback power
  • Missile does not instantly hit the targets

Release date


This weapon was released alongside Dominique on:

  • South Korea: 19 November 2014.
  • China/Japan: 3 December 2014.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 4 December 2014.


  • Although the weapon comes surpressed in A mode, it does not decrease the amount of noise generated when firing whatsoever. Therefore, it is not advisable to continuesly shoot as it may compromise your position. Furthermore, it is a very expensive weapon to carry with.
Zombie Scenario
  • In B mode, this weapon deals tremendous damage to bosses. With maxed power, it can deal around 11000 ~ 24000 damages per shot.



  • Yuri: Seen in posters.

Comparison to M4A1

M4a1 icon
  • Higher damage (+1)
  • Has rocket launcher mode
  • Can be purchased by both teams
  • Same accuracy (88%)
  • Same rate of fire (91%)
  • Same weight (9% speed reduction)
  • Higher recoil (+5%)
  • Silencer cannot be detached
  • More expensive (+$2900)


Brick Piece V2 China Trailer

Brick Piece V2 China Trailer

Block AR (Brick Piece V2) TW HK server

Block AR (Brick Piece V2) TW HK server

CS Online - Brick Piece V2

CS Online - Brick Piece V2


  • This weapon is entirely made of Lego's construction set.
  • The B mode model resembles the V-2 Rocket artillery.
  • The reload animation (A mode) is similar to JANUS-5.
  • The B mode reload animation resembles Gae Bolg.
  • In Zombie Modes, a bug is achieveable in B mode where if the user shoots at nearby humans and later gets infected by a zombie, the explosion will kill the humans, thus counting them as frags. This bug is similar to the OICW's.

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