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Brionac is an Epic grade melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


It is a melee weapon that uses a willful radiance power to find and attack enemies. If you lose your mind by its radiance, you will face death. You can use [Radiance Gust], which burns the surroundings with light and releases the collected energy, [Radiance Storm], which instantly creates a large tornado, and [Radiance Spear], which is a long-distance attack.

  • The knockback, stun power, and Bright Spear guidance functions only work in Zombie mode.


  • Upon successful hit, the crosshair is notified
  • <Radiance Gust>: Attacks nearby enemies and charges power at the same time. When charging is completed and terminated, the charged power is released, tag them with continuous damage..
  • <Radiance Storm>: Consumes energy to immediately create a storm around you and attacks enemies, tag them with continous damage.
  • <Radiance Spear>: Consumes energy to create a spear of radiance and throws it at the enemy, tag them with continuous damage.


Name Description Honor points Requirements
24-2 honor Radiance Badge This medal can be achieved upon acquiring Brionac and Radiance Wings (Permanent) 10 24-2 wing24-2 epic

Can be obtained from Radiance Fragment

Release Date[]

  • South Korea: July 11 2024
  • China: July 17 2024
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: TBA



  • Brionac is inspired by a spear used by Lugh, a Celtic god of the sun and light, and he was also known as a powerful warrior. Known for being wise, Lugh, god of justice, was also sometimes depicted as a trickster god. The etymology of Lugh's name is debated.
  • Its basic mechanic is similiar to Spell Lance Scarlet Rose.
  • This weapon shares the idle sound and effect from the Photon Launcher (not charged).