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Zombie J set: The Brutal Slayer (Indonesia) or Madness Warrior (Singapore/Malaysia) was the tenth zombie sets exclusive to Zombie: The Mutation and Zombie: The Hero and Zombie: The Union.


This set was removed after the Free Update patch, as the Bloody Blade was removed while the Ganymede becomes default in all player's inventories.


As a human, the player can use the Bloody Blade skill that doubles the amount of damage that a melee attack can do. It is only active for 5 seconds. This ability can only be used once in a round.

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When turning into a zombie, the player can choose to evolute into a Ganymede which can use the Berserk ability to move faster, jump higher and resist knockback better for 5 ~ 15 seconds, depending on certain conditions.


  • Purchase this set if you own a strong knife such as Nata Knife.
  • Ganymede can break through human's line of defense by its high knockback and stun resistance and usable "Berserk" ability.

Release date


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This set was released alongside the Inferno map and other zombie sets on 8 March 2012 sold with points.

This set can be obtained for free for 1 day as well as other zombie sets during the event from 8 ~ 21 March 2012.



This set was released alongside Tomahawk on 4 December 2013.