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Bunnyhop is a exploitable glitch skill that players can develop throughout practicing without using any sort of third-party softwares. However, in previous games such as Counter-Strike, it can be performed by using scripts and/or mods. Bunnyhop is one of the more characteristic features that make Counter-Strike unique. Through bunnyhopping, a player can potentially move faster than normal, giving them a huge advantage in a game.


  • Enemies will find it harder to hit you.
  • You may be able to move faster than usual.
  • The skill has a wide array of applications, even reaching to other games outside of the Counter-Strike series.


  • Bunnyhop is affected by your framerate - A higher framerate yields better results.
    • Bunnyhop is also affected by the server's current "air acceleration" setting. This setting determines how freely you can move in the air.
  • A lot of players may accuse you of cheating if you can achieve certain distances, even going so far as to try to kick you.

Tutorial Video[]


  • When this type of jump is done correctly, the player will move faster, compared to others running.
  • Bind 'jump' with mouse scroll up/scroll down to make bunnyhopping easier.
  • Due to an old patch of Counter-Strike Online, they have reduced the air acceleration, making it harder to bunnyhop, especially while ducking.