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The C4 is a piece of equipment to blow up bomb sites in Bomb defuse maps in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online. It is mostly used by Terrorists to destroy targets in bomb defusal maps, but it is also used by Counter-Terrorists in Battle Rush mode for the same purpose.


In bomb defuse maps, a member of the terrorist team will be randomly chosen to be equipped with the C4. TR team with the C4 then must plant it at designated areas, either one of the two points in the map, and then defend it from being defused by the counter-terrorists until it explodes. When planted, the C4's timer is set to blow within 35 seconds. Should the C4 detonates successfully, TRs will win even if there are some CTs still alive. If all players on the TR side are dead while the C4 is still ticking, the round will continue until the bomb is defused or detonated.

C4's appearance isn't restricted to bomb defusal maps:

  • It appears in Battle Rush as the Counter-Terrorist's equipment, which needs to be used to destroy roadblocks. TRs must defuse the bomb to prevent CTs from advancing.
  • In Basic, everyone in the TR team has a C4 each.
  • In some Zombie Scenario maps, C4 is used for destroying obstacles, or to damage and fight against the bosses such as Kraken, Gluttony, etc.
  • In some Zombie Escape maps, C4 appears for destroying obstacles, or making barricades to slow zombies down.
  • C4s are available in New Zombie Shelter mode for the Engineer class players who have reached Tier 4. In this mode, C4s can be used to destroy various obstacles and create shortcuts in the map. Properly planted C4 can eat large chunks of a bosses' health, which can make battles with bosses much easier.


Daily Mission[]

Appointer Mission Description
Felix C4 Operation Support Plant or defuse C4 3 times.

Honor Mission[]

Appointer Mission Description
Victor Bomb Expert Plant and defuse C4 for 100 times.



  • The code to plant the C4 is "7392158".
  • The world model of the C4 when planted has a different code.
  • It is possible to plant a silent C4.

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