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Composition 4
Cash point0
Game point0
Price in match0
Used forBlow up bomb site
System codec4

The C4 is a piece of the Terrorist equipment to blow up bomb sites in Bomb defuse maps in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online 2.


The C4 causes high explosion that will destroy any targets that the terrorists are aiming for. In bomb defuse maps, a member of the terrorists will be chosen to equip the C4 and needs to go to a bomb site to set up the bomb. The terrorist may drop it and let the other teammates pick it up. Once the bomb has been planted at a bomb site, the counter-terrorist must defuse it before it explodes. The time for a C4 explodes is 35 seconds after planting. If the C4 explodes, the terrorist is counted to be the winner of the round. Counter-terrorist will not win the round if all terrorists were killed but the C4 is still ticking.


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