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Room restrict limitknifeCROW-9 is a Rare grade melee weapon in the CROW Series.


This weapon can be obtained from Blueprint No.5

A special gauntlet served as the melee weapon with a strong destructive power. Secondary mode centered in the middle of the gauge CROW Reload System operation during attacks by right-clicking produces knocking them back during the attack of the zombies with a powerful destructive force to the front.


  • High damage in B mode
  • High rate of attack in A mode
  • Long range in B mode


  • Low damage in A mode
  • Low stun power
  • No knockback power in A mode
  • Normal punch is done when failing to use the CRS
  • Low rate of attack in B mode

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 28 July 2016.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong & China: 2 August 2016.
  • Japan: 3 August 2016.
  • Indonesia: 5 October 2016.
  • CSN:Z: 9 October 2016.



  • CROW-9 is based on a battle gauntlet, which is nearly similar to BALROG-IX.
  • During its secondary attack, it emits an air explosion which is similar to Air Burster's air explosion.