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CROW Series is the sixth Anti-Zombie weapon series in Counter-Strike Online.


The weapons of this series feature a new specialized technology, known as the Crow Reload System that allows fast reloading when pressed at the right time during reloading. They specialize in high ammo capacity, stun, and fast reloading allowing for rapid attacks with very little downtime.


Main article: CROW-1

This is the remodeled version of Glock 18 with a drum magazine. It is equipped with 50 rounds of 9mm that can be reloaded quickly when hitting the [R] button at the right time during reloading with its CROW Reload System. It can also be fired in automatic.


Main article: CROW-3

This remodeled version of PP-19 Bizon is fed with 64 rounds of 9mm. It is equipped with CROW Reload System that can speed up the reloading when pressing [R] at the right time during reloading.


Main article: CROW-5

A redesigned TAR-21 to provide enhanced features, typically the accuracy, fed with 50 rounds of 5.56 NATO. The Crow Reload System (CRS) is applied to halt the gap between reloads. By pressing R at the right time during reloading, the CRS will be activated.


Main article: CROW-7

A machine gun based on the MG36 and fed with 100 rounds of 5.56 NATO. It is equipped with Crow Reload System that can be activated by pressing R correctly when the reloading gauge runs to the predetermined location.


Main article: CROW-9

A special gauntlet served as the melee weapon with a strong destructive power. Secondary mode centered in the middle of the gauge CROW Reload System operation during attacks by right-clicking produces knocking them back during the attack of the zombies with a powerful destructive force to the front.


Main article: CROW-11

This is the remodeled version of USAS-12 with CROW Reload System that can speed up reloading when the user press R at the right time during reloading.


  • This weapon series is released earlier even though the previous anti-zombie weapon series, VULCANUS, is not completely released yet.
  • These weapons possess color patterns that consist of black, silver and orange.
  • The term "Crow" is used to describe a fast killing weapon without giving the chance for the enemy to survive with their quick reloading, according to a popular interpretation of Crow in Eastern countries.
  • Unlike previous series, the manufacturer of CROW Series is not mentioned.
  • The CROW Reload System is probably inspired from Gears of War's Active Reload mechanism.

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