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Camouflage 2 (cs_camouflage2) is an official hostage rescue map in Counter-Strike Online.


Hostage rescue[]

There are Terrorist forces hidden in an old building that was known to be a warehouse. As soon as this becomes known, the Terrorists kidnap four doctors from a near by government research facility and demand ransom in the form of an escape helicopter.

  • Counter-Terrorist: Kill all Terrorists that are in the way and rescue the hostages.
  • Terrorist: Prevent the Counter-Terrorists from rescuing the hostages.

Zombie modes[]

Whilst in the middle of a fire-fight between terrorist and counter-terrorists factions, strange humanoid creatures invade the scene of the conflict at an abandoned warehouse. Bound by the necessity of survival against a common danger, the lines of counter-terrorism and terrorism are redrawn. It's the humans against the Zombies now in a race against the clock!

  • Human: Avoid contact with Zombies and preserve your humanity until the timer runs out!
  • Zombie: With your improved speed and stamina, hunt down the humans before the stipulated time runs out!

Release date[]

Kriss SVD
  • Indonesia: 27 June 2013 alongside the resale of Kriss Super V for Upgrade Event.
  • CSN:Z: 23 September 2014 alongside Open Beta Test.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015 alongside Open Beta Test.



  • There is an Easter Egg under CT Spawn in this map. This Easter Egg also appears in Camouflage.

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