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Camouflage weapons are a type of weapon variants in Counter-Strike Online.

M4A1 Scope[]

M4a1scope icon
Main article: M4A1 Scope.

'M4A1' Scope can only be obtained randomly from Code Box. This weapon shares the same performance as the original M4A1 except the silencer attachment ability is changed to zoom ability.

M4A1 Camouflage[]

Main article: M4A1.

M4A1 Camouflage or M4A1 HQ is a high definition skin for the M4A1 exclusive to the Korean localized version of Counter-Strike Online. The M4A1 Camouflage can only be obtained in the Code Box.

AWP Camouflage[]

Main article: Accuracy International AWM.

AWP Camouflage can only be obtained randomly from Golden bell for permanent during first Human Scenario release event. It lighter than the original AWP.

USAS-12 Camouflage[]

Main article: Daewoo USAS-12.

USAS-12 Camouflage can only be obtained randomly from Code Box. It deals higher damage, has higher fire rate and even lighter than the original weapon. It can be purchased by the Counter-Terrorist too.

Dual Desert Eagle[]

Dual Desert Eagle
Main article: Desert Eagle/Dual.

Dual Desert Eagle can be obtained randomly from supply box in Zombie: The Mutation and Zombie: The Hero. It does very high damage to zombies.


Main article: M16A4.

M16A4 is a game point 3-round burst fire mode assault rifle exclusive to the Counter-Terrorist purchasable for veteran players only. It does high damage but heavy weight.

Remington M24A2[]

M24 gfx
Main article: M24 sniper rifle.

A 10 round, 7.62 NATO sniper rifle, which boasts excellent mobility as well as accuracy. Its accuracy is very good, while its firepower is sufficient enough to neutralize a human target in mid-range.

M249 Camouflage[]

Main article: M249.

M249 Camouflage is a limited-edition version of M249. It can be obtained during special events only and and lighter than the original M249.

UMP45 Snake[]

Main article: UMP45.

UMP45 Snake is a snake decorated version of UMP45. It can only be obtained during special events only.

Triple Tactical Knife[]

Main article: Tactical Knife.

Triple Tactical Knife can only be obtained from Tactical Knife Upgrade event. It is made up ​​of titanium alloy with a small, hard and sharp edge. It is a superior weapon against living target if used strategically and correctly. The user can slash or throw it toward the target.


Main article: Tomahawk.

Tomahawk is a special melee weapon in use by the Special Forces, it has slow swing rate, but makes it up by having a good killing power.

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