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Miscellaneous weapons are the weapons that are not in any original categories that are melee, pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, rifle and machine gun.

M79 Sawed-off[]

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Main article: M79 Saw off

Loaded into the Pistol slot, the M79 Sawed-off has increased mobility with the gun barrel and butt plate sawed off. Hence, allowing it to be equipped as an assistant weapon. It reloads after 1 round of 40×46mm grenade stray bullet. This weapon is released alongside with early Zombie Scenario maps.

M134 Minigun[]

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Main article: M134 Minigun.

M134 Minigun is added into machine gun slot. It is fed with 200 rounds of 7.62 NATO and has very high fire rate. It does very high damage and low recoil. However, it is very heavy and needs 1.5 seconds to open fire. This weapon is released alongside with Zombie: The Mutation.


Main article: Saab AT4

Saab AT4 is an anti-tank rocket launcher which fires 84mm rocket, which is available in the Human Scenario and the Metal Arena modes only. It is suitable for destroying vehicles and large group of enemies. This weapon is released alongside with Human Scenario.


Main article: Salamander

The Salamander is a flamethrower that can burn enemies in close range. It is very powerful and does very high damage in close range. However, it is useless in long range since it is a flamethrower. It was released alongside with the new Zombie: The Hero update.

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