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Character Emotion is a cheering system for characters.


Character emotions can be activated by pressing J key in-game. The default emotions are:

  1. Greeting
  2. Happy
  3. Provoke
  4. Angry

Some characters have their own unique emotion.

  1. Dance
  2. Body Flexing (Enzo only)
  3. Flying Kiss (Lucia only)
  1. Provoke 2
  2. Shadowboxing (Raven only)
  3. Surrender (Michaela only)
  1. Dance
Alin and Dominique
  1. Dance
  2. Kiss
Jin Se-yeon
  1. Dance
  2. Kiss

Transcendence Series

  1. Kiss
  2. Victory Pose (except for Transcendent Choi Ji Yoon, Transcendent Yuri, Transcendent Blair and Transcendent Fernando)

Zombie Tag[]

Main article: Zombie Tag

In this mode, new exclusive emotions are introduced.


Man salute

Man happy

Man provoke

Man angry

Woman greeting

Woman happy

Woman provoke

Woman angry


  • This system was originally a cut command in the original Counter-Strike.
  • This is similar to the taunt commands in Team Fortress 2 except the taunts depend on the characters' weapons.
  • There's a rare glitch where the female characters can perform male's emotion in first person, and the reverse can happen as well. This usually stems from network packet loss during mid-play.
  • There's a bug whereby a character can express emotions while running. This can be done by drawing a melee weapon right after engaging the emotion.