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See Yuri for her rival.

Choi Ji Yoon is a female Counter-Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online 2.


A member of intelligence bureau of the special force. She was on a mission to infiltrate the Terrorist group. Her mission was later revealed by another agent when she was trying to look through the confidential documents about ARA and had to flee back to her country. She joined the Counter-Terrorists in hope that one day she could get her hands on the documents again.

Favorite weapons

Colt Anaconda

Release date

  • South Korea: 24 December 2013.
  • China: 22 April 2015.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 18 February 2016.


Voice sample

Huh? Where are they?

Grenade out!

Flashbang out!

Multiple hostile detected, fall back!

Is that all what you got?

Is that all?


  • In Counter-Strike Online, Choi Ji Yoon is paired with Ritsuka. However, her soccer version is paired with Yuri in Soccer Woman Set.
  • This is the second character that has a different radio message voice. The first one is Yuri.
  • Same as in Counter-Strike Online, Choi Ji Yoon has a limited edition counterpart in Counter-Strike Online 2.
  • In Counter-Strike Online 2, she wears black underwears, while in Counter-Strike Online, she wore the white ones.
  • She, along with Yuri are the first cash point characters to be sold in Counter-Strike Online 2.
  • In Japanese version, she is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.