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Class Decoder is a cash item in Counter-Strike Online.


A decoder that gives all grades classes. Costumes and zombie skins are also obtainable. It is possible to obtain a certain amount of mileage when used. May grant duration items.

Release date

Class Decoder

  • South Korea: 19 December 2019.
  • CSN:S: 2 January 2020.

Point Class Decoder

  • South Korea: 16 December 2021.
  • CSN:S: 29 December 2021.

Point Class Decoder

Point class decoder.png

Point Class Decoder special sales! Rose Phoenix, Sonya Lycanthrope, Mila, Lisa, and other 28 classes available in unlimited/period for a limited time. Schoolgirl Light Zombie, Nurse Sting Finger, and other 4 zombie costumes are available in unlimited/period too, alongside Golden Shield, Afro hair and other 28 costumes.

  • Classes are available in 1/3 days duration or Permanent duration
  • Limited sale and Rotation group classes are unavailable on this decoder
  • Only 5 purchases can be made per account daily
  • Price : 5,000 points
  • Doesn't reward Mileage when used

Class Decoder Rates

Type Class Decoder Premium Class Decoder
Rotation Group (Permanent) 0.1875% 0.75%
Transcendence Class sale (4x Rate, Permanent) 0.5% 2%
Aetheris, Axion, Medea, Kal-El (Permanent) 0.125% 0.5%
Transcendence Class (Permanent) 0.075% 0.3%
Zombie Skin (Permanent) 0.5% 2%
Class (Permanent) 0.1875% 1.4063%
Costume (Permanent) 0.2857% 1.2857%
Aetheris, Axion, Medea, Kal-El (30 Days) 1.56% N/A
Transcendence Class (30 Days) 2.6410% N/A
Zombie Skin (30 Days) 3.9000% N/A
Class (30 Days) 0.6094% N/A
Costume (30 Days) 0.3429% N/A

Point Class Decoder Rates

Type Point Class Decoder
Transcendence Class (Permanent) 0.01%
Zombie Skin (Permanent) 0.04%
Class (Permanent) 0.01%
Costume (Permanent) 0.01%
Transcendence Class (1/3 Days) 1.80%
Zombie Skin (1/3 Days) 2.36%
Class (1/3 Days) 0.37%
Costume (1/3 Days) 0.28%

Available characters



These characters are the "special guests" that only appeared during their first release and removed after the event ended. Certain characters may return during a resale event.