Room restrict classicmodeRoom Restrict: Classic Battle is a custom submode in Counter-Strike Online.


In this submode, the players can only use classic original weapons. Those weapons are:


Icon glock Icon usp P228 Deserteagle Fiveseven Elites

Icon m3 cso M4 icon

Tmp icon Mac10 Mp5 Ump45 P90

Awp Scout gfx Sg550 gfx G3sg1 icon

Famas icon Galil icon M4a1 icon Ak47 icon Aug Sg552 gfx


Kevlar gfx Kevlar helmet gfx Flashbang gfx He grenade icon Smokegrenade gfx 250px-Nightvisionhud Defuser gfx

New Classic Restriction

After the 12 June 2014 update of South Korea, the classic battle system is now expanded, there are new options for choosing.

New Classic

Room restrict newclassicmode This is a new submode which expands the variety of weapons allowed.

Basically, when the room applies the new classic restriction, the players are unable to use limited edition weapons like SKULL, BALROG, JANUS, THANATOS, VULCANUS, Bingo and Letter Collecting Event weapons.

Dualinfinity gfx Infinityex1 gfx Dual Infinity 3 Tactical knife Tknifeex Tknifeex2 Infinity silver icon Infinity red icon Infinity black icon Luger Lugerg Glockred Bglock18 Uspred Busp45 Deaglered Deserteagleg Icon anaconda cso Kingcobra KingCobraGold Musket Catapult Deautomag M79 M79 gold M1887 maverick

Ksg12 Ksg12g gfx Xm1014red Spas12 Spas12ex Spas12Cobra Maverick spas12 M1887 M1887gold gfx M1887xmas Icon usas cso Usas12camo Uts15 UTS15 Pink Gold Dbarrel gfx Tbarrel Dbarrelg

P90lapin Tmpdragon Mp5g gfx Mp5tiger gfx Bmp5 K1a K1ase gfx K1a maverick Thompson Thompsongold Mp7a160r Horsegun Kriss SVD Dual Kriss Ump45snake

Awpred icon Awpcamo Awpz Scoutred Trg42 Trg42g M400 gfx Icon svd cso Vsk94 WA2000 Wa2000g SL8 Sl8ex Sl8g As50 As50g Xm2010 Awpaw50 Awpr93 M95 gfx M95 xmas M82 M24 Psg1

Bgalil Bfamas An94 M16a4 Ak47gold gfx M4a1gold M14ebr M14ebrgold M4a1scope p F2000 gfx Oicw Tar21 icon Arx160 Groza M16a1v M4a1red Ak47red Ak47dragon M4a1dragon Icon scar cso Scar Limited Edition Icon xm8 cso XM8 Limited Edition Stg44 Stg44g Qbz95b Galilfnc Famasl85a2 M16a1 Ak74u Ak47akm M4a1hk416 G11 G11g Galil maverick

M2 icon gfx K3 M134 gfx M134 ex M134 xmas MG36 MG36G Mg36xmas M249veteran M249red gfx M249camo Pkm Mk48 Hk23 gfx Hk23g M60 M60E4GolD Maverick m60e4 Qbb95 Qbb95ex icon Bqbb95 Mg3 MG3 XMas Golden MG3

Hdagger Bhdagger Knifedragon Soul Bane Mastercombatknife gfx Axe icon Balisong icon Katana Dual katana Dragontail1 Snake sword Machete Crowbar Hammer Tomahawk Horseaxe Crowbar maverick

M24 grenade icon M32 MGL AT4CS Firebomb Holybomb

Classic (Flashbang Forbidden)

Room restrict classicmodelimitflashThis is the combination between Classic Battle and Flashbang Forbidden submodes. Basically, the gameplay is similar to Classic Battle, which only allows classic original weapons, except Flashbang.

New Classic (Flashbang Forbidden)

Room restrict newclassicmodelimitflashThis is the combination between New Classic and Flashbang Forbidden submodes. The gameplay is similar to New Classic, which allows more weapons, except Flashbang and other limited edition weapons.


  • The old classic mode is useful for players who like classic Counter-Strike gameplay.

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